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Jianguo Wen, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Pathology and Genomic Medicine, Institute for Academic Medicine
Assistant Research Member, Research Institute
Houston Methodist


Dr. Jianguo Wen earned his Ph.D. in Genetics from Fudan University in 2004. He joined Houston Methodist Research Institute in 2005 and completed his postdoctoral training in the Department of Pathology.

Description of Research

Dr. Wen’s research program focuses on pathogenesis and preclinical treatment of multiple myeloma. Current research efforts aim to develop therapies targeting multiple myeloma cancer stem cells.

Areas Of Expertise

Cancer Stem cells Multiple myeloma
Education & Training

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Houston Methodist Research Institute
PhD, Fudan University
MS, Northwest Sci-Tec University of Agriculture and Forestry, Shaanxi

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