Current Residents

PGY-1 Pharmacy Residents

Sarah Mathoslah
Pharmacy School: Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose to complete my residency at Houston Methodist because I am confident that the training I will receive here is second to none.  I was initially attracted to the program for the camaraderie that I saw amongst the pharmacy staff and the passion the clinical pharmacists showed for their specialties and for teaching their residents. Having been here for the past month, it’s all the more clear that Houston Methodist has a unique culture centered on creating an excellent and individualized experience for both its patients and its staff. Professionally, the five PGY-2 programs available speak to the advancement of the clinical pharmacy services and promise a plethora of clinical opportunity for residents to solidify a career path. All things considered, Houston Methodist was the obvious choice for me, and I’m excited to continue to develop my clinical pharmacy skills in such a great environment!
Future Plans: To pursue a PGY-2 in oncology or internal medicine

Raksha Patel
Pharmacy School: University of Kansas School of Pharmacy
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose Houston Methodist for my residency because of my experience here as a student. I was thoroughly impressed by the passion, professionalism and sincerity demonstrated by the residents and preceptors. The preceptors were devoted to patient care, focused on teaching and encouraged learning from their students and residents. The program exposes residents to a diverse set of foundational and clinical opportunities and is flexible to tailor to the specific interests of the resident. I soon learned this would be an excellent program where I could build upon my pharmacy practice experiences, develop my clinical skills and foster my transition into becoming a competent, successful pharmacist.
Future Plans: I plan to pursue a PGY-2 in solid organ transplant.

Hannah Suh
Pharmacy School: Harding University College of Pharmacy
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose Houston Methodist to complete my PGY-1 residency because of the diversity of specialty care that Houston Methodist provides. This will provide me with a wide range of experiences with the variety of patient cases I encounter and the opportunity to follow in their care. There are also a variety of PGY-2 programs offered here, which allow me to explore various specialties in a facility that offers specialized training in these areas. The pharmacists here at Houston Methodist are well integrated into the health care team where their input and knowledge are respected and critical to the interdisciplinary team and, ultimately, to the care of patients. There is a large support system for pharmacy residents to learn in an environment that fosters growth with many unique opportunities for research as well as rotations tailored to your interests. Collectively, I believe Houston Methodist is a great working environment with clinicians who are passionate about the impact they make in health care and I believe this will be an added benefit to my clinical training.
Future Plans: Pursuing a PGY-2 in critical care

Vu Ta
Pharmacy School: University of Houston College of Pharmacy
What I like about Houston Methodist: The first thing that drew me to Houston Methodist was the enthusiasm and confidence that the previous pharmacy residents had. After completing a student rotation here, I became even more impressed with the institution and the clinical pharmacy program. The progressive practice pushes limits in medicine, while the core values call for compassionate patient-centered care. The preceptors are extremely knowledgeable and committed to helping residents become highly competent clinical pharmacists. In addition, the wide variety of rotations offers a well-rounded learning experience. I believe this residency program will allow me to grow tremendously in my confidence and skills as a pharmacist, and I am very grateful to be a part of the Houston Methodist team.
Future Plans: I plan to pursue a PGY-2 in critical care or infectious diseases

Justine Wang
Pharmacy School: The University of Texas College of Pharmacy
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose Houston Methodist because of the diverse, well-rounded training it provides to residents who are interested in a variety of clinical specialty practices. When I came here, it was evident that the pharmacists were respected and well-integrated in the health care professional team. The pharmacy preceptors display a high level of passion and commitment to their patients and serve as positive role models for new, developing practitioners who want to deliver excellent, evidence-based care. This program will provide me both a supportive and challenging environment that will push me into becoming an independent clinician.
Future Plans: To pursue a PGY-2 in oncology or infectious diseases

Alexandra Whiddon
Pharmacy School: University of Houston College of Pharmacy
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose Houston Methodist for several reasons. The wide variety of rotations offered appealed to me because I knew I would gain many different experiences that would prepare me to be a confident and competent clinical pharmacist. The preceptors and mentors are dedicated and truly helpful in facilitating the resident's learning experience, along with a large group of residents that are able to work together and bond throughout the year. I am so excited to be completing my residency at Houston Methodist!
Future Plans: PGY-2 in solid organ transplant

PGY-2 Critical Care Residents

Jonathan (Jono) Balk
Pharmacy School: University of New England
PGY-1 Residency: Houston Methodist Hospital
What I like about Houston Methodist: I elected to continue training at Houston Methodist due to the plethora of opportunities which are available. Residents have the opportunity to round in each of the five intensive care units (ICUs) and are exposed to a variety of patient populations and mechanical support devices. In addition to the clinical opportunities I love the pharmacy culture at Houston Methodist which creates a great learning atmosphere for the residents. I look forward to learning the intricacies of critical care pharmacy and transitioning into a more independent role in the ICU.
Future Plans: Secure a critical care pharmacy position

Julin Thomas
Pharmacy School: Texas A&M University
PGY-1 Residency: Houston Methodist Hospital
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose to continue my training at Houston Methodist because of the diversity of the ICU patients. From my experiences here as a PGY-1, I know the preceptors here are committed to providing a strong foundation for their residents. Pharmacists at Houston Methodist are highly involved in patient care activities and have been well integrated into interdisciplinary teams for decades. I am excited for the opportunity to learn from the pharmacy and medical team here. I am confident that my training here will help me be prepared for any ICU position.
Future Plans: Obtain a critical care pharmacist position

PGY-2 Infectious Diseases Residents

Ashley Lockwood
Pharmacy School: University of Florida
PGY-1 Residency: St. Vincent's Medical Center Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida
What I like about Houston Methodist: There were many attributes that appealed to me about the infectious diseases program at Houston Methodist. Among them were the diverse patient population with both immunocompromised and critically ill, which provide many opportunities to see unique situations pertaining to infectious diseases. There is a well-established and flourishing relationship between the clinical specialists and the microbiology lab. Finally, the accomplished and knowledgeable preceptors that are committed to the development and success of their residents at Houston Methodist. I look forward to all that Houston Methodist has to offer!
Future Plans: Fellowship and eventual position as clinical specialist in a stewardship program

PGY-2 Internal Medicine Residents

Jessica Tamborello
Pharmacy School:  The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy
PGY-1 Residency: Houston Methodist Hospital
What I like about Houston Methodist:  Since completing student rotations at Houston Methodist, I have been impressed with the institution and its clinical pharmacy program.  The pharmacists at Houston Methodist are well-respected and they play an important role on the medical team.  All of the preceptors are extremely knowledgeable in their specialties, and they are very enthusiastic about building competent and confident clinical pharmacists.  This residency program also offers a large variety of rotation experiences as well as opportunities for research and academia.  Overall, I absolutely loved my experience at Houston Methodist as a student and I feel so blessed and honored to be training at such an outstanding medical institution.
Future Plans: Pursue a job as an internal medicine clinical pharmacist

PGY-2 Solid Organ Transplant Residents
Stacy Crow
Pharmacy School: Washington State University
PGY-1 Residency: Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN
What I like about Houston Methodist: The initial draw to Houston Methodist was based on the dedication of the practitioners who work here to advancing patient care, research and academia, three areas in which I hope to continue to develop and practice. Additionally, Houston Methodist’s impressive reputation caught my attention and I was immediately driven to learn more about the program, specifically the PGY-2 in solid organ transplant. Within this specialty, the variety and quantity of organs transplanted were important to me. I felt strongly that I would be challenged and learn well from the friendly, enthusiastic and ambitious pharmacists at Houston Methodist. I am a very social person and excited to be part of such a large pharmacy team and a dynamic bunch of pharmacy residents!
Future Plans: Obtain a job as a transplant pharmacist working in patient care, research and academia

PGY-2 Oncology Residents

Edward T McLean
Pharmacy School: LECOM-Bradenton
PGY-1 Residency: Houston Methodist Hospital – Texas Medical Center
What I like about Houston Methodist: Initially, it was the great reputation, established preceptor base and the diverse clinical experiences offered through the program that drew me to Houston Methodist. These initial impressions were only confirmed through my PGY-1 experience here at Houston Methodist. I feel that, from day one, I was integrated into a pharmacy clinical practice which provides the best evidence-based medicine to the patients seen on a day-to-day basis. Throughout the year, I was challenged to reach my maximum potential and was able to learn from great preceptors with diverse clinical backgrounds. I believe that I will continue to develop both professionally and personally through the PGY-2 pharmacy oncology program, and feel very fortunate to be a member of the Houston Methodist family.
Future Plans: To obtain a position as a clinical specialist in oncology

Amy Schneider
Pharmacy School: University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
PGY-1 Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Bronx, New York
What I like about Houston Methodist: I was initially interested in Houston Methodist because of the variety of opportunities available within specialized areas of clinical oncology. I was impressed by the level of involvement of the clinical pharmacists within the medical team. I also feel the interaction among health care providers is very positive, which seems to lead to an excellent work environment. In addition, the oncology department at Houston Methodist continues to grow and I feel this will present great opportunities for the future. I am very excited for the opportunity to continue my training and develop as a clinical oncology pharmacist over the next year!
Future Plans: Upon completion of the PGY-2 oncology residency, my goal is to obtain a position as a clinical oncology pharmacist.

Health System Pharmacy Administration Residents

Carmine Colavecchia
Pharmacy School: Purdue University
What I like about Houston Methodist: I applied and interviewed at Houston Methodist because of the personable pharmacy staff, the outstanding reputation of Houston Methodist hospital and the clinical and leadership opportunities within the Texas Medical Center. I also wanted exposure to a breadth of newly developed pharmacy services, and Houston Methodist's pharmacy department has implemented a wide variety of services due to its proactive pharmacy leaders. I truly enjoy working for the hospital and could not ask for better colleagues.
Future Plans: I plan to either pursue a PhD in patient outcomes-related research, or obtain a position that is heavily involved in experiential education at a college of pharmacy or hospital.

Sarah Cox
Pharmacy School: University of Missouri-Kansas City at MU
What I like about Houston Methodist: I was first attracted to the Houston Methodist because of the strong leadership and the flexibility that would allow me to make the residency program my own.  I wanted an experience that would challenge me and push me to grow as a leader.  But, I also wanted an atmosphere where I would feel supported in my endeavors and where I would be allowed to dream big. Houston Methodist is the perfect fit for me.  Houston Methodist Hospital has a very positive and welcoming atmosphere that makes it enjoyable to go to work every day, the preceptors are knowledgeable and an involved part of the medical team, and the program directors are available and supportive.  Houston Methodist Hospital is an impressive hospital and with strong residency programs and I could not have chosen a better experience for me.
Future Plans: Over the next two years, my goals are to become BCPS-certified, pursue leadership positions at local and national pharmacy associations, and continue to advocate for the profession of pharmacy.

Roya Tran
Pharmacy School: University of Florida
What I like about Houston Methodist: From the first day of my residency, I instantly felt the culture of support and positivity at Houston Methodist. Through various bonding activities like scavengers hunts, retreats and hour-long lunches (a luxury affordable only during orientation month), I felt a widespread welcome and support by both the Department of Pharmacy and the senior executives of the hospital. As we merge to become a more integrated health-system, I am excited to be a part of the many opportunities to lead change and to set best practices for the profession. I truly feel Houston Methodist will give me the skill sets and diverse possibilities to succeed in pharmacy leadership, regardless of which setting I decide to practice in the future. It is also great to have a co-resident this year with whom I can share this growing experience together!
Future Plans: After my residency, I would like to continue to be a part of leading organizations and their pharmacy health-systems, perhaps even with global organizations. As for now, it is very exciting to consider being an RPD for a future administration residency program in Florida, where there is none, and continue taking on more leadership opportunities to come.