2011-2012 Residents

PGY-1 Pharmacy Residents

Shimeka Edwards
Email: sledwards@houstonmethodist.org
University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy graduate
What I like about Houston Methodist: Houston Methodist has an excellent reputation for leading medicine and providing quality patient care. Here at Houston Methodist, the pharmacy services are very progressive, and I knew that participating in a residency program like this was essential for my professional growth and development. I was impressed with the diverse clinical rotations, the opportunities to precept pharmacy students, and the ability to earn a teaching certificate that Houston Methodist offered. The mentorship that I will receive from the clinical pharmacists and managerial team will give me the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to become a proficient clinical pharmacist. 
Future Plans: I would like to complete a PGY-2 Critical Care Residency.

Mohammed Elayan
Email: mmelayan@houstonmethodist.org
Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy graduate
What I like about Houston Methodist: During my short time here, I've enjoyed the true sense of collaboration amongst the many different disciplines of the hospital. I feel that lines of communication are always open, and everyone's opinion is valued and respected. The resources here are also impressive, and Houston Methodist seems to be an ideal environment for a resident to learn and grow.
Future Plans: My plans for this year include becoming exposed to a variety of different hospital settings, and improving my knowledge base across all aspects of pharmacy practice. I hope to develop my independence as a pharmacist, and to also build professional relationships with my peers. My area of interest is oncology, and I plan to pursue a PGY-2 in that field.

Rafael Felippi
Email: rrfelippi@houstonmethodist.org
University of Georgia College of Pharmacy graduate
What I like about Houston Methodist: Houston Methodist has a variety of opportunities that I looked for in a residency program. It has balanced training in clinical service, education and research. The wide selection of required and elective rotations offers a great opportunity to become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist and gain a clearer picture of what type of practice best suits me. The clinical pharmacy specialists at Houston Methodist are actively engaged in helping the residents become competent clinicians. There are opportunities to precept students and obtain a teaching certificate. I also like being part of a big residency class (14 in total, PGY-1 and PGY-2) where they have become a family to me and will help make the residency an enriching and fun environment. I look forward to a challenging and rewarding year!

Amaris Fuentes
University of Houston College of Pharmacy graduate
What I like about Houston Methodist: As a student, I was able to witness the strength and diversity of pharmacy clinicians practicing at Houston Methodist committed to clinical research, patient care and education. I knew as a resident not only would I stand to learn from these experienced clinicians, but that I would also be an active participant in their commitment to patient care and the practice of pharmacy. 
Future Plans: I hope to practice as a clinician specializing in cardiology, and plan to pursue a PGY-2 in cardiology or critical care.

Misbah Moten
Email: MAMoten2@houstonmethodist.org
University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy graduate
What I like about Houston Methodist: One of the most appealing qualities about Houston Methodist is the level of commitment and enthusiasm every pharmacist has for the residency program and patient care. Having had rotational experience at this institution as a student, I was confident that every preceptor would facilitate my professional growth as a pharmacist. Additionally, Houston Methodist has a diverse, well-established and progressive pharmacy department with many areas of specialties. Beyond the strengths in the clinical services, I was drawn to the vast opportunities in teaching, leadership and research. Houston Methodist is truly an ideal place to practice leading medicine. 
Future Plans: At this time, I am most interested in pursuing further training in the area of solid organ transplantation and would like to use this year to explore the many different opportunities available within clinical pharmacy.

Bennett Noell
Email: bcnoell@houstonmethodist.org
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy graduate
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose Houston Methodist because of the multitude of rotation experiences offered to the residents. Opportunities for a second year in a specialization also attracted me to Houston Methodist. The pharmacists at Houston Methodist are enthusiastic and committed to the pharmacy profession and improving patient care. They are highly involved and dedicated to making the residency program successful and meaningful for each resident. Houston Methodist has a large number of clinical pharmacy services that put the pharmacist in the direct care of patients. I am confident this experience will be the best foundation for acquiring the clinical skills and expertise I will need for the future.
Future Plans: To pursue a PGY-2 residency in either critical care or solid organ transplant

PGY-2 Critical Care Residents

Kevin Donahue
Email: krdonahue@houstonmethodist.org
Ohio State University College of Pharmacy
PGY-1 Residency: Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston TX
What I like about Houston Methodist: As one of the PGY-2 critical care residents, what I like about Houston Methodist is the exposure to a diverse patient population and the opportunity to interact with experts in a variety of fields. The setting encourages my development as a practitioner, and the other members of the healthcare team are very receptive to pharmacist involvement. Over the course of my training, I have developed a number or strong professional relationships that make coming into the hospital enjoyable. I look forward to the ongoing challenges and learning opportunities that await me through the rest of my residency training.
Future Plans: Will pursue critical care pharmacy jobs with a primary interest in cardiovascular critical care and ER/trauma settings.

Matthew Wanat
Email: mawanat@houstonmethodist.org
Northeastern University School of Pharmacy graduate
PGY-1 Residency: Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX
What I like about Houston Methodist: After completing my PGY-1 year at Houston Methodist, I am excited about staying on for a PGY-2 residency in critical care. Houston Methodist Hospital has such a diverse assortment of patient populations in each of its five ICUs and this will provide me many different learning opportunities to better prepare me for the transition to an independent practitioner. I really enjoy the interaction with the other clinical specialists in our department and the true team approach that is practiced in the ICUs at Houston Methodist. The pharmacy residency program is truly focused on excellent training of its future practitioners, which made it an easy choice for me to continue my training at Houston Methodist.
Future Plans: Interviewing for academic/clinical pharmacist positions

PGY-2 Infectious Diseases Resident

Katherine Perez
Email: kkperez@houstonmethodist.org
University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy graduate
PGY-1 Residency: University Health System, San Antonio, Texas
What I like about Houston Methodist: Training at a highly reputable medical institution in the heart of the largest medical center in the world was enough to catch my eye. Infectious diseases is all about the patient population, and I knew I wanted to be in a diverse place to make the most of my training. Houston Methodist provides a stimulating learning environment with the guidance of top notch clinical specialists and medical staff.

PGY-2 Internal Medicine Residents

Nathan Thompson-Moore
Email: nthompson-moore@houstonmethodist.org
University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy graduate
PGY-1 Residency: Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX
What I like about Houston Methodist: The diversity and caliber of practice areas available for rotations. We have clinical pharmacy specialist in almost all areas of the hospital which allows for superb training opportunities. 
Future Plans: Find a clinical pharmacy position with a job description that allows me to use the full range of skill sets I have developed through my residencies at Houston Methodist.

PGY-2 Oncology Residents

Hannah Zaghloul
Email: hazaghloul@houstonmethodist.org
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy graduate
PGY-1 Residency: Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX
What I like about Houston Methodist: I was initially drawn to Houston Methodist because of its vast opportunities within clinical pharmacy, and after completing my PGY-1 residency here, I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue as the inaugural PGY-2 oncology resident. With the expansion of the outpatient infusion clinic and breast cancer center, the Houston Methodist Cancer Center is, and continues to rapidly grow. Training here gives me the opportunity to experience all areas of hematology/oncology, including medical oncology inpatient services, bone marrow transplant, outpatient oncology clinics, hematology services, and palliative care. The staff is eager to teach and mentor residents, and I look forward to being a part of the program's growth. 
Future Plans: Upon graduating from the program, I hope to work as an oncology pharmacy specialist in the area.

Health System Pharmacy Administration Residents

Christy Gorbach
Email: cmgorbach@houstonmethodist.org
Purdue University College of Pharmacy graduate
What I like about Houston Methodist: The professional relationships, patient-centered care, and career advancements are a few of the reasons why I chose to do a two-year residency at Houston Methodist. I was attracted to Houston Methodist because of the diverse array of opportunities for pharmacy, as well as being located in the world renown Texas Medical Center. Pharmacy has an integral role in providing quality care to patients and the Pharmacy Department at Houston Methodist is dedicated in doing so by their comprehensive services. Houston Methodist is a hospital system that allows pharmacy residents to be at the forefront of pharmacy and assist in the professions' growth.

Alex Stearns
Email: astearns@houstonmethodist.org
University of Kansas School of Pharmacy graduate
What I like about Houston Methodist: Houston Methodist is an excellent learning environment for new practitioners to grow and develop into leaders within the profession of pharmacy. The residency programs offered are as unique and diverse as anywhere in the country. It is a privilege to assist in building the health-systems pharmacy administration residency program here at Houston Methodist into one of the best in the country going forward.
Future Plans: To become a director of pharmacy at a community hospital