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Methodist Weight Management Program

About our FREE Orientation Sessions

The next step toward achieving your weight loss goal is to attend a free information session where you will learn about treatment options offered at the Methodist Weight Management Center. There is no obligation and the free sessions are an opportunity to have your questions answered and help you decide which program is right for you.

FREE Orientations are offered for the Medical Weight Management Program (non-surgical) and the Bariatric Surgery Program.

To protect your privacy, all of our online forms are encrypted and stored in a secure location. Please note that while our forms are secure, any communication via e-mail may not be secure, so please consider that when selecting a way for us to contact you. If you select phone or e-mail as your preferred method of contact, every effort will be made to return your request by the next business day. A response to your request via postal mail may take up to 10 business days to receive. Once you have submitted your online request, you will be placed in the next available orientation session. To request same day attendance at our orientation session, please call 832-667-5673.

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