Advances in Neurosurgical Operative Techniques

An Overview of the Surgical Operating Room Advances in technology have revolutionized our ability to perform surgery safely and successfully. These include the use of the surgical microscope, which provides high magnification and intensely bright lighting to see deep inside the brain.  This allows us to work safely in critically important areas.  Along with the surgical microscope comes a whole set of instruments called micro-instruments, which are tiny little micro-dissectors, micro-manipulators, micro-knives, and a variety of other tools that allow us to work within tolerances of 1 to 2 mm.  Additional advances include the use of a virtual-reality system, high-frequency ultrasound to shatter tumors millimeter by millimeter safely and avoid damage to surrounding structures, as well as many other advanced technological tools to make surgery safe and successful.  All of these new techniques allow us to perform brain surgery safely, and lead to outstanding outcomes never before felt to be possible. This video will take you on a tour of the operating room and illustrates a number of these items.
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