Surgical Techniques & Technologies

The idea of undergoing an operation on one’s brain is understandably frightening. In the past, brain surgery was often a long and difficult journey, many times with prolonged recovery times and less than optimal results. However, a number of things have changed that now make brain surgery highly safe and very effective. First, we know more now about the anatomy of the brain and its many nerve cells and fiber tracks than we ever did before, and are able to create detailed maps of how the brain functions and use these in surgery. There have been many technological advances in surgery with new instrumentation, the use of microscopes and endoscopes, and other novel technologies that permit us to navigate safely in the brain.

The series of videos on the following pages illustrate many of these advances and you will learn about the many technological advances that have occurred.  We will teach you about how an endoscope, a slender rod with a camera on it has made many surgeries very safe and minimally invasive.  You will see how we can use detailed maps of the brain to navigate using a virtual reality computer system.  Finally, you will see an operating room of the future that is now operational at the Peak Center and Houston Methodist Hospital.

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