Research Labs & Clinical Trials

Neuroimaging Lab
Masdeu Lab
 Using the tools of human neuroimaging, including MRI, PET and EEG, the Neuroimaging Lab aims to clarify the neurobiology and improve the treatment of the following disorders causing cognitive impairment: Alzheimer, frontotemporal dementia, genetic underpinning of regional involvement patterns, neuroimaging correlates of social cognition, TBI, amyloid and tau imaging in acute and chronic concussion, timing and brain localization of tau deposition in patients with repeated head trauma, schizophrenia.

Neuromodulation Lab
Helekar & Rosenfield Lab
Ongoing studies in our lab at present employ electrophysiological and neuroimaging approaches to measure neuromodulatory effects of TRPMS on cortical excitability and functional connectivity, and use this tool to study the neural mechanisms underlying perception and cognition.
Peggy and Gary Edwards ALS Lab
Appel Lab
Research in the Peggy and Gary Edwards ALS Laboratory focuses on developing new insights into degenerative neurologic diseases, with a primary emphasis on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). More specifically, the importance of immune/inflammatory alterations, as well as increased intracellular calcium and free-radical stress in ALS, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
Clinical Trials Nervous System Diseases

Alzheimer's Disease
Coordinator: Jennifer Garrett, RN | 281.222.9983

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis & Neuromuscular diseases
Coordinator: Rachel Applegate, CCRC | 713.441.9120

Movement Disorders
Coordinator: Chia Arif, CCRC | 713.363.8390

Manager: C. David McCane, CCRC | 713.441.5801