Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does "take 4 times a day" include the middle of the night?
A. It may.  Be sure to ask your pharmacist or health-care provider to explain your prescription.

Q. What if I forget to take a dose?
A. Usually, taking your medication 30 minutes late or early will not be harmful. But if you are several hours late, check with your pharmacist or other health-care provider. NEVER DOUBLE DOSE!

Q. How much water is needed when instructions say "take with water?"
A. Drink eight (8) ounces of water - not just enough to get the medication down.

Q. Is it OK to use a kitchen spoon to take liquid preparations?
A. Sizes of kitchen spoons vary. Always use a standard measuring spoon to be sure you are getting the exact amount.

Q. Can I crush a tablet or capsule into food?
A. Crushing medication can affect the way it works. Check with your pharmacist or health-care provider before crushing or chewing any drug. Ask if the medication is available in a liquid if you have trouble swallowing pills.

Q. Is the bathroom medicine cabinet a good place to store medication?
A. No! The heat and moisture in your bathroom are not good for your medications. Store them in a cool, dry place instead. Remove cotton from bottles too. It can draw moisture.