Synthesis of new molecules to treat BrAIN cANCER

Sudhir Raghavan, PhD is a synthetic medicinal chemist whose work at the Peak center involves designing, synthesizing and developing new molecules and drug delivery systems to treat brain tumors. His projects include developing an optimized route for GLP/GMP synthesis of PAMOBG, designing and synthesizing the next generation of MAO-activated self-immolative linkers for prodrug development, asymmetric platinum complexes designed to carry the MAO activated prodrug MP, gold or carbohydrate based nanoparticle drug delivery systems and modified sugars that target the ‘sweet tooth’ of cancers.

Assymetric Platinums

Learn how early stage drug discovery works – and how an idea for a cure is brought to life in the lab. 

GLP/GMP Synthesis of PAM-OBG

Making a pharmaceutical agent for clinical trials at a large scale with purity that meets or exceeds FDA standards.

Sudhir Raghavan, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow