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Fellows will be required to attend fellow specific conferences in addition to select lectures provided to residents.

Fellows will also be expected to provide lectures relevant to neuromuscular medicine and electrodiagnostic medicine to residents and students during their year of training. Fellow specific conferences include the EMG/NCV conference, Quarterly Advanced Topics in Neuromuscular Medicine for Fellows, the Neuromuscular Medicine Case Conference for Fellows, in  addition to the  Neuromuscular Medicine Fellows Journal Club. 

The EMG/NCV conference is a journal club conference for NM fellows that occurs weekly.  Fellows will discuss preselected topics in electrodiagnostic testing for neuromuscular diseases. Residents, students, and other allied health professional are invited to attend.

For the Neuromuscular Fellows Journal Club occurs every third Wednesday. Fellows present select articles for journal club. Articles will be primarily research based (clinical, translational, or basic science) and chosen by faculty/fellow for review and discussion.

For the Neuromuscular Medicine Case Conference occurs monthly in which  fellows formally present a neuromuscular case. The fellow is expected to present the history, examination, diagnostic tests, muscle or nerve pathology, diagnosis and treatment and prognosis. All program faculty are required to attend to provide input and teaching points pertinent to their neuromuscular subspecialty (clinical, histopathology, EMG/NCV, etc). Residents, students, and other allied health professional are invited to attend

The Quarterly Advanced Topics in Neuromuscular Medicine is series of specialty lectures for fellows. .  Lectures are presented to fellows on advanced topics in neuromuscular medicine and advances in therapy by notable speakers from various related fields.

8:00 a.m.RotationRotationRotationRotation
Montly PMR Clinic 

Myotonic Distrophy Clinic
Resident MDA Clinic (4th)
Noon*Advanced topics in NM-quarterlyResident
*NM Journal Club (3rd)
*NM case conferecnce(1st)
Neuroscience topics
Grand Rounds
1:00 p.m.Adult EMG/NCVAdult EMG/NCVMuscle/Nerve BiopsyFellow MDA ClinicResearch
3:00 p.m. 

2nd, 4th Tues

* EMG/NCV conference  
5:00 p.m. Pediatric
NM clinic 
2nd Tues

* Fellow specific conferences 
 Not weekly