Primary Care Clinic

Houston Methodist’s Primary Care Clinic (PCC) is a resident-run continuity clinic where residents and interns see their own panel of patients during a weekly half-day clinic session.  Each clinic session (firm) [cjh1] has a total of three to four residents, including one to two interns and an attending physician.

General PCC Facts

  • Each resident's patient panel includes established patients, new patients, post-hospital discharge visits, pre-operative consultations and sick visits.
  • Residents will become experienced in managing a broad spectrum of outpatient conditions seen frequently in primary care.
  • The PCC is adjacent to the faculty practice and provides easy access for patients requiring subspecialty consultations.
  • The Electronic Health Record (EHR), NextGen, provides an opportunity to improve patient care using the latest technology.
  • Residents are supervised by a group of primary care attendings allowing for the development of a long-term mentoring relationship.
  • Patients are seen in a newly renovated, on-site facility with accommodations for an optimal educational experience.
  • Online modules enhance the educational experience in ambulatory medicine and primary care.