Current Radiology Residents


2020 Radiology Residents



  Niraj Patel

Undergraduate School: UT-Austin

Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine

Interests/Hobbies: Reading textbooks, reviewing cases, bicycling, playing with my kids

What I like the most about our residency: Great attendings who like to teach and teach well, good people in general, large variety of pathology, excellent equipment




Justin Schmidgall

Undergraduate School:  University of Arizona

Medical School:  Baylor College of Medicine

Interests/Hobbies:  Golf, Skiing, Reading, Working out

What I like the most about our residency:  Opportunity to train with highly skilled faculty in a friendly and encouraging environment. 


Shayan Vadie

Undergraduate School: University of New Mexico

Graduate School: University of North Texas Health Science Center

Medical School: Texas A&M University

Interests/Hobbies: Weight-lifting, Music, Sports, Travel

What I like most about our residency: Education is priority. We are given early exposure and independence to an abundant volume of cases and procedures across all sub-specialties and imaging platforms. Rotations through nearby institutions further expands and diversifies our training. The program's small class size promotes camaraderie and unity among residents and staff.

  Kiersten Westhart

Undergraduate School: University of Texas at Austin

Medical School: University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, art, two-stepping

What I like the most about our residency: Enthusiastic, kind attendings 




Barrett Riddle

Undergraduate School: Texas A&M University 

Medical School: The University of Texas Medical Branch

Interests/Hobbies: Within radiology: Interventional Radiology, Outside of radiology: Running, playing soccer and going out to dinner.

What I like the most about our residency: I love the wide variety of pathology we see at Houston Methodist. We see so many advanced and unique medical conditions since we are a large referral center with an extensive transplant program. We also work very closely with some amazing attendings and get very early exposure to high level imaging and procedures that most residencies don't have.

  Ramon Saucedo

Undergraduate School: Yale University 

Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch

Interests/Hobbies: San Antonio Spurs basketball, Dallas Cowboys football, weightlifting, thrifting

What I like the most about our residency: Excellent teaching, friendly faculty, great MSK exposure

  Ross Taylor

Undergraduate School:  Brigham Young University

Medical School:  University of Texas Medical School at Houston (McGovern)

Interests/Hobbies:  Guitar, Texas Barbecue, Hiking, Dallas Mavericks Basketball, Arsenal Football Club

What I like the most about our residency:  The Houston Methodist radiology residency program combines brilliant faculty mentors with state of the art imaging facilities in a unique hybrid private/academic setting. The program is flexible and supportive, allowing you tailor your training to your specific career goals. Residency at Houston Methodist includes advanced imaging of elite athletes, ultra high field MRI (7T), one of the largest transplant centers in the region, and countless other opportunities to push yourself to be at the forefront of diagnostic and interventional imaging. The location in the heart of the Texas Medical Center offers unique collaborative training and research opportunities with other world-class institutions. It is the perfect residency program for self-motivated individuals pursuing a career in radiology.

  Zhaoying (Ying) Xian

Undergraduate School:  California Institute of Technology

Medical School:  Ohio State University College of Medicine

Interests/Hobbies:  Anything related to food (cooking, eating out at restaurants, Yelp Elite x 5+ years), travel (favorite travel destination is Japan), and music.

What I like the most about our residency:  Everything! As a hybrid academic/private practice, you get the best of both worlds with high case volume and good diversity of pathology. There's a good balance between reading cases and resident education (e.g. lectures, case conferences, research opportunities). The attendings are all so knowledgeable yet very approachable. Plus, being in Houston is pretty awesome in and of itself. 



 Matthew Corrigan


Matthew Corrigan

Undergraduate School:  Baylor University 

Medical School:  Texas A&M College of Medicine 

Interests/Hobbies:  College Football, golf, finding Texas' best barbecue, spending time with friends, travel. 

What I like the most about our residency:  Excellent fellowship-trained teaching faculty, world class training within the Texas Medical Center, living in Houston, small program size with large case volume. 

Patrick Rock

Undergraduate School: Texas A&M

Medical School: Texas Tech

Interests/Hobbies: Jazz, Cooking, Frisbee Golf 

What I like the most about our residency: The attendings we work with every day.

Justin Samorajski

Undergraduate School:  University of Dallas

Medical School:  Texas A&M University

Interests/Hobbies:  3D printing, cooking, photography, snowboarding, motorsports, and urban gardening.

What I like the most about our residency:  Supportive faculty and great sub-specialty exposure.

  Ryan Willett

Undergraduate School:  UT Austin

Medical School: UT Health San Antonio

Interests/Hobbies: Texas football, sports, food, spending time with my wife and kids, competitive PC gaming, working out, traveling, and philosophy

What I like the most about our residency: What I like most about our program is being able to train at a world-class hospital with a premier private radiology group. Our program has the perfect blend of attendings who are passionate about teaching and successful in private practice. Also, I enjoy the experience of living in Houston and working in the Texas Medical Center


Incoming Residents - 2021

Kanayochukwu Ikeneme

Undergraduate School: University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington - Biological Chemistry, BS

Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine, MD

Interest/Hobbies: Computer Programming (Java, C#, C++), Digital Art 
Usama Jazzar

Undergraduate School: University of Houston, BS (Biomedical Engineering)

Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, MD

Interests/Hobbies: Road trips, Boating, Traveling, Working Out, Soccer, Table Tennis

  Tanner Lines

Undergraduate School: University of Texas Austin, BS

Medical School: Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, MD

Interests/Hobbies: Sports, Cooking, Reading, Spending time outdoors, Friends and family,

  Sehar Salman

Undergraduate School: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, BA

Graduate School: Mississippi College, Clinton, MS

Medical School: Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, MD

Interest/Hobbies: I have always enjoyed reading, largely autobiographical or fictional books. I am also currently listening to a variety of narrative storytelling podcasts. I enjoy cooking and trying new foods and recipes. I enjoy spending time outdoors, and am often looking for new hiking and biking trails. I enjoy puzzles and board games, as these often remind me of the countless family nights I had growing up.