Primary Care

With locations throughout the Greater Houston area, Houston Methodist’s primary care physicians are dedicated to quality patient care for the entire family, providing the right care, at the right time in convenient locations throughout the Houston area. Learn more about all services provided through our Primary Care Group

A primary care physician often serves as the patient's main point of contact for all health care services, helping coordinate care across specialists. The dedicated health professionals within primary care perform physical exams and general wellness assessments, as well as screening for specific diseases, such as diabetes, breast cancer, testicular cancer and prostate cancer. In addition, the primary care physicians perform routine screening for kidney and liver function, cholesterol levels, as well as PAP tests. Care for allergies and asthma is also provided, as well as treatment for skin conditions such as rashes, acne and eczema. Houston Methodist doctors also perform minor procedures on site, including the removal of moles and cysts, the repair of lacerations and the drainage of abscesses.

Our primary care physicians provide full infant care including immunizations. This attention continues through childhood and adolescence, monitoring a child’s development, testing hearing and vision and treating the child for common illness. In addition, our physicians screen for and help manage attention deficit disorders in children, as well as adults.

Mental health screening is also provided, including treatment of depression and anxiety. In addition, assistance and/or referrals are provided in weight-loss management and with the cessation of smoking.

Our primary care physicians at Houston Methodist are committed to serving your family’s health needs.
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