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The Center for Neuroregeneration research team of Dr. Gavin Britz, Dr. Phil Horner and Tatiana Wolfe were awarded the Translational Research Initiative Award for work towards discovery and design of a novel stimulation device for the treatment of stroke care.

The Neuroplasticity & Repair lab wins an award from the Wings for Life-Spinal Cord Research Foundation for research towards regeneration of motor function after spinal cord injury. Learn More.


The Center for Neuroregeneration research is funded by the following organizations:

  • National Institute of Health
  • Department of Defense, Government of the USA
  • National Science Foundation
  • National Institute of Aging
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America
  • Paralysis Project
  • The Utley Foundation
  • Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
  • Frank and Penny Webster
  • The Naylor Foundation
  • Junta de Andalucia, España
  • Wings for Life-Spinal Cord Research Foundation
  • The Adler Family
  • Mission Connect - A TIRR Foundation

We thank each and every one of our sponsors for the tremendous support!

The goal of the symposium was to promote "discovery" in the gap between the molecular and cellular understanding of innate neural plasticity physiology and functional-based brain and spinal cord stimulation technologies. With this knowledge, the mission will be "implementation" of regenerative therapies for chronic neural injury and degenerative diseases.

Speakers were invited from all over the world, enlightening the audience with a wide range of neuroregeneration strategies in fields of electrophysiology, molecular biology. material & tissue engineering and biophysicists.

The outcomes of this symposium are:

1) development of proposals and collaborations,
2) an illustration and review of how activity changes the biology of neurons and
3) a roadmap for exciting interdisciplinary intersections that should be explored to improve the function of BCI and similar technologies in the clinic.