Patient Stories

brain & pituitary tumors


Survivor from Original Prognosis — Novel Gene Therapy Attacked Brain Tumor; Matt underwent a unique gene therapy to treat his glioblastoma tumor. Learn more »


Patient Survives A Sinus Infection that Turned into a Serious Pituitary Brain Tumor; Jed thought he had a sinus infection, only to learn it was a pituitary tumor. Learn more »

Denham Turner

Successful Treatment of Malignant Brain Cancer; Denham was young and healthy, so he was shocked when he was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. Learn more »


Left Untreated, This Patient’s Pituitary Tumor Could Have Blinded Her; Marcie underwent minimally invasive surgery to remove a pituitary tumor that would have left her blind had she not sought treatment. Learn more »

Brain Tumor Stories


Patient Survives Tennis-ball-sized Brain Tumor Through Precision and Advanced Surgery; Kristen began suffering from migraine headaches and paralysis that became progressively worse; tests revealed she had a brain tumor. Learn more »


Awake and Alert During Brain Tumor Surgery, Patient Works in Concert with Surgeons; Nancy was reading a book when suddenly the words became a jumble of meaningless letters; it was the result of a tumor in the portion of the brain that controls speech and interpretation of words. Learn more »


Brain Tumor Managed Through Expertise and Advanced Technology of the Peak Center; Adnand was treated for a genetic disorder that disturbs the growth of cells in the nervous system and causes tumors to form on nerve tissue. Learn more »


Survivor of Brain and Pituitary Tumor, Removed Through Advanced, Nonsurgical Endoscopy and Radiation; Belinda experienced a progressive loss of vision which led her to consult with Houston Methodist; they determined she had a pituitary tumor pressing against her optic nerve. Learn more »


Complex Surgery Removed Major Tumor Pressing on Spinal Cord; Doug sustained severe head injuries in a bicycle accident; the treatment for his injuries revealed a significant tumor that was partially compressing his spinal cord. Learn more »


John Sinclair

Dr. Richard Simpson talks about deep brain stimulation , a treatment for the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Learn more »

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