Projects & Highlights

The Astrocellular Therapeurtics Lab is focused on utilizing multi-cellular brain and spinal cord circuits generated in our laboratory from human pluripotent stem cells in order to strategically address questions related to nervous response to post-injury environments and repair to restore functionality. Our goal is to uncover the signaling mechanisms activated in response to noxious extracellular stimuli as well as to devise strategies to alter this response.

The lab is also dedicated to investigate the engraftment of human neural cells into the injured environment as an innovative strategy to promote regeneration. We are determining how the functions of neural cell types are altered when introduced into a injured nervous system using a combination of novel 3D culture platforms and animal models of traumatic injury, stroke, neurodegeneration and other neuropathies.

In collaboration with laboratories in the Center for Neuroregeneration and the Texas Medical Center, we are committed to translate our research findings and biotechnologies directly into therapeutic strategies for improving patient quality of life.