Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration (CCR), a 16,000+ sqft facility, accommodates research space needs of 14 research faculty and institute scholars ( total of 80-100 people) in a field related to regeneration, aging or stem cell biology, including bioengineering, computational biology, developmental biology, epigenetics and chromatin dynamics, progenitor and stem cell biology; telomere regulation, cardiomyocyte or vascular biology.  Located at the hub of Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world, CCR aims to build the best center for cardiovascular regeneration in the nation and generate great ideas to transform vascular care through focused, multidisciplinary approaches. CCR houses a consortium of cutting edge technology and technology driven-research enterprises

Houston Methodist Research Institute
Center for Cardiovascular Regeneration
6670 Bertner Avenue
Houston, Texas  77030

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