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The promise of personalized medicine embodies the ability to deliver the right therapy, at the right location in the body, at the right time, for the right duration, to achieve the desired response. Personalization of therapy is particularly critical in confronting cancer and metastatic disease due to its constantly evolving heterogeneous nature.

This challenge proposes three overarching problems in biomechanics and several sub-problems critical for achieving personalization of therapy via the use of nanotechnology-based systems. The problems outlined on this website are sourced from a recent publication of Dr. Ferrari's in the International Journal of Non-linear Mechanics. In the paper, he discusses the problems in great depth, proposes strategies that could aid in solving them and highlights the impact solving these could have in areas such as transport oncophysics and rational drug design.


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  4. Students (PhD, MS, Undergrad, etc.) – If you wish to do your projects/thesis on any of these, by all means please go ahead! If you want Dr. Ferrari to be your project/thesis (co)advisor on these topics he can surely discuss the possibilities with you, but everything will be subject to the rules of your institution.