The Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship

Surgical Shadowing for Undergraduates

2019 Summer Surgical Cohort

The Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship is a physician shadowing program sponsored by Wade Rosenberg, MD (pictured, second from right) of the Department of Surgery.  Accepted applicants  look forward to 10 weeks of direct mentorship from a surgeon in General Surgery, NeurosurgeryUrologyPlastic Surgery, or Cardiovascular Surgery or another surgical department. Mentorship includes time in clinic, shadowing and attending grand rounds.  At the end of the summer, fellows present the work they have done that summer. Fellows also attend summer didactic lectures and career and professional development seminars geared toward undergraduates. The Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship is a unique clinical training, boasting a near-100% acceptance rate for its alumni who later apply to medical school. Read two testimonials from past fellows below.


Maojing "Angela" Qin (right), 2019 Summer Fellow

"Looking back on my time as a Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellow, I have crossed paths with various doctors, medical students, residents, and other medical professionals who make up the patient-care team at the Houston Methodist Hospital. They shared with me their wisdom, personal experiences, and character through their stories, providing me with instructions, and from their direct conversations with patients. From being a medical student to achieving the status of a surgeon, the journey is filled with obstacles that define each step of the journey and what it entails. Observing these narratives allows me to better understand the commitment and dedication it takes to progress in the field of medicine and how important every step of the journey is. Through the 10-weeks of direct-mentorship in the plastic surgery department under Gene Alford, MD, I observed qualities of compassion, tenacity, and expertise in his practice of medicine, qualities of which I hope to develop and grow my personal character from. With the mentorship opportunity of The Rosenberg Surgical Fellowship, I was able to engage in facilitating patient care, discovering attributes that truly constitute the role and responsibilities of a surgeon, and ultimately gain a sense of community which I hope to be a part of in the future. Ultimately, this fellowship strengthens my confidence in pursuing medical school as I have gained invaluable connections that I can refer to for advice and the fact that I now have a clearer image of the type of medical professional I hope to become."

Elizabeth Popp (right), 2017 Summer Fellow

"The summer before my junior year of college, I had the unforgettable and amazing opportunity to intern at Houston Methodist Hospital’s Department of Surgery under Dr. Wade Rosenberg. I was immediately integrated into Dr. Rosenberg’s surgical team with the residents and spent my summer scrubbing in, observing surgeries and attending rounds to see patients postoperatively. Dr. Rosenberg and the residents took me under their wings and gave me countless opportunities, from learning how to place an IV to suturing incisions. A couple weeks into my internship, Dr. Rosenberg approached me about presenting on his behalf at the Multidisciplinary Digestive Disease Conference about a recent case of an insulinoma. Initially, I was nervous about the prospect of presenting to a room full of gastroenterologists and surgeons, but I embraced the challenge. It was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to learn and grow both personally and professionally.  My 10 weeks as a summer surgical fellow, not only immersed me in patient care and expanded my knowledge of medicine, but truly confirmed my love of medicine and desire to be a surgeon one day. Ultimately, I hope to be a doctor as kind, compassionate and inspiring as Dr. Rosenberg and his residents."

Application Requirements


The 2020 Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship is highly competitive, only accepting 4-6 applicants per summer. It comes with an award of $5,000 and is specifically set up for surgical shadowing. In order to be considered for the Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship applicants must:

  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate institution in the United States. The Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship does not accept graduated seniors, medical students, graduate students, or postdoctoral fellows.
  • Have a strong desire to attend medical school, particularly in surgery.
  • Have a competitive course load in the sciences.
  • Complete the application in MERLIN.  Select the following:
       Learner Type: Research Summer Intern
       Intern Subtype: Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellow (checkmark)
  • If accepted, commit to the full 10-week fellowship, and complete all supplemental paperwork.


Once you have reviewed these requirements, you may review the application instructions and apply to the Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship.