Position Post-Residency

Class of 2017

Alireza Faridar, MD Neuroimaging, Neurodegenerative, Houston Methodist
Eva Mistry, MD Vascular Neurology, University of Cincinnati
Haseeb Rahman, MD Vascular Neurology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Class of 2016

Rajan Gadhia, MD Vascular Neurology Fellowship, Harvard Medical School
M. Obadah Nakawah, MD Neuroimaging Fellowship, Houston Methodist Neurological Institute

Class of 2015
John Eatman, MD Neuromuscular Fellowship, Houston Methodist Neurological Institute
Umair Saeed, MD Stroke and Neurocritical Care Fellowship, UT Houston
Stacy V. Smith, MD Neuro-ophthalmology Fellowship, Houston Methodist Neurological Institute
Jason Thonhoff, MD, PhD Neuromuscular Fellowship, Houston Methodist Neurological Institute

Class of 2014
Hristelina Ilieva, MD Neuromuscular Fellowship, Johns Hopkins
Sepideh Mokhtari, MD Neuro-oncology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Brooke McQueen, MD Neurophysiology Fellowship, Houston Methodist Neurological Institute

Class of 2013
Xuan Wu, MD Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh

Class of 2012
Kathleen Alfuth, DO Private Practice, Dallas Texas
Ashkan Mowla, MD Vascular Neurology & Stroke, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Usha Thapalia, MD Epilepsy/EEG, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio

Class of 2011
Mohammad Al Baeer, MD Neurophysiology Fellowship, Houston Methodist Neurological Institute

Class of 2009
Snehi Sehgal-Kapur, MD Neurophysiology Fellowship, The State University of New York 

From Our Graduates

Eva Mistry, MD - Class of 2017, Vascular Neurology
Dear Dr. Simpson,
I have been away for not even a month and I could not help but write an email. 
I have settled in Cincinnati and absolutely love working here. I feel like I am in the Mecca for stroke research and opportunities seem to be endless. You helped me make the right decision. I have been involved in patient care here and my peers and faculty think that I was trained very well. I simply wanted to say Thank You, for all that you have done! Please do share my gratitude with the faculty at Methodist. I miss you all!   -Eva 

Umair Saeed, MD - Class of 2015, Vascular Neurology
Dear Dr. Simpson,
I am really honored and humbled to be trained at Houston Methodist with you all. The strong foundation during my residency has certainly helped me in my future career. I passed by vascular neurology (Stroke) boards last year and currently in my last year of neuro-critical care fellowship.
Kind regards,   -Umair

John Eatman, MD – Class of 2016, Neuromuscular Fellow
Dr. Simpson,
I was thinking about Methodist today. I saw a patient with a tauopathy stare and another with hammertoes and high arches. It made me glad that I trained at a program that emphasized learning physical exam well and not just ordering tests.
A few of my patients here are challenging, but I learned from you (as well as Dr. Appel and Dr. Smith) that any case no matter how difficult can be teased apart, analyzed and figured out with enough time and effort. This gives me comfort even when confronted with the most complicated problems.
I hope everything is well at Methodist. I hope we can catch up soon, I am really curious how my patients are doing.   -John

Lamar Davis, MD – Class of 2014, Neuromuscular Fellow
Dear Dr. Simpson,
I am thankful for my year in Houston. It has given me a different perspective on medicine and on how I choose to practice it. Before, I had no desire to be remotely involved in research; now I have a great interest in it. I have one patient that I am trying to get included in a trial for COL6 patients (I must thank Hristelina for her assistance in getting in contact with the lead investigator), and I may be a part of a treatment trial with kids with DMD (although, it appears that rank will be pulled on me and a more senior person may take the lead). Dr. Veda is teaching me to do muscle biopsies. I must honestly say that I hear Dr. Pleitez's voice each time; I don't say that in a negative fashion. Her standards on closing are something that I now appreciate.
Again, I hope all is well. I really enjoyed my year at Methodist. It challenged me and made me a better doctor.  Please tell everyone I said hello.   -Lamar

Sepideh Mokhtari, MD – Class of 2014
Dear Dr. Simpson,
I am really loving it here in New York!!! The fellowship program is amazing, so many opportunities to grow as a clinician and a researcher. I really think your training in Methodist is paying off now. I am forever grateful for all the teaching and mentoring you have given me. I will keep you posted with my progress here. I just can't get enough of the city. I will be coming to Houston for a visit after Christmas. I would love to meet you and give you a big hug before I go back.
Thanks for everything,   -Sepi

Xuan Wu, MD – Class of 2013
Dr. Simpson and Dr. Pleitez,
I started my new job yesterday, received a badge as assistant professor, and was assigned a nice office on the 18th floor of Smith Tower. How lucky I am. But I also felt scared. I will start to work independently. I keep encouraging myself that I will treat the patients the way you do, work the way you do. I was trained by the best teachers; I have the best examples to follow. I should be fine.
Best Regards,  -Xuan

Ashkan Mowla, MD – Class of 2012
Hi, Dear Dr. Simpson,
I really feel comfortable handling neurological and stroke patients independently and also teaching medical students and residents. Gil Wolfe, MD , my chairman, got a very good feedback from the residents about how I am doing only after being here for 2 months.
I owe you a lot for training me. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!
Sincerely,   -Ashkan