Qstream for Delirium Modules 1 & 2

Qstream is a real-time learning analytics platform developed at Harvard that uses a simple but powerful question and answer system pushed to a user’s mobile device.

The Problem

Data shows even the best classroom and online learning is forgotten within three months. Also, the rise of a mobile, social world has changed user expectations. More people access the Internet these days with a phone (some 2 billion) than with a PC (about 1 billion). Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have changed how people communicate and how they spend their time. People expect access to information from their phone at a time and place that suits them. They also expect it to be ridiculously easy to use and be something they can get done in minutes, which is a tall order.

The Solution

Qstream combines a proven, data-driven approach with a method designed from the ground up for today’s mobile, social world. We have created a three-step closed feedback loop that allows learning to be pushed to a team, provide real-time dashboard views of any problems and then immediately push additional material to close the gaps:

  • Reinforce: Push learning using a proven question and answer approach to a user’s laptop or mobile device. It requires less than five minutes a day and they can respond from their PC, BlackBerry, iPhone or Android device.
  • Finger on the Pulse: Dashboards deliver key insights on performance to managers. It provides actionable intelligence based on snapshots or trends over time. Identify areas of weak knowledge or differences between one team and another.
  • Step in: Use the same tools to push new questions and answers to specific groups or individuals to close gaps. Then watch performance change using the dashboard. The system validates that you have solved the issue and extends retention 170 percent.

Video Explanation

View our video about SpacedEd online learning.

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