Delirium Modules 1 & 2

Studies have shown that in patients over age 70, there is a 14 percent to 24 percent prevalence of delirium at admission and 6 percent to 54 percent incidence of delirium in the hospital. However, delirium is often not recognized and is coded at very low levels. The low recognition factor versus actual incidence is one of the most significant problems in geriatrics. Clinicians do not recognize delirium as a severe problem, do not know how to diagnose it and are unaware that it may be prevented with improved methods of care. By using an educational intervention that includes a commonly used diagnostic screening algorithm for delirium and delivering this intervention to all members of the health care team, we hope to significantly increase the rate of recognition of delirium.

Interactive Spaced Education (ISE) is a novel approach to online education in which small amounts of educational material are delivered and repeated over spaced intervals via interactive emails. Several recent randomized trials have demonstrated that this ISE methodology improves learning of medical knowledge and is extremely well accepted by participants.
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