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Department of Neurosurgery

Xiufeng Tang, M.D.

Xiufeng "Hanna" Tang, M.D.

Research Associate
Methodist Neurological Institute
Department of Neurosurgery
Houston Methodist Hospital

6560 Fannin St. Suite 944
Houston, TX 77030

Phone: 713-441-3544
Fax: 713-793-7022
E-mail: Xtang@houstonmethodist.org

Description of Research

To understand the pattern of recovery of motor function after injury,it is necessary to know the motor neuron groups that are damaged at each bony level of injury. Stem-cell implantation to repair the injured cord is also underway in animal and human studies. Accurate maps of the location and dimensions of specific tracts and nuclear groups in the cord are not currently available to guide neurosurgeons in performing transplantation.

The goal of  our study is to correlate the cytoarchitectural structure of the spinal cord with the adjacent vertebral and intervertebral disc levels and  create an Atlas of the human spinal cord.

Human spinal cords are sectioned into transverse, coronal, and sagittal planes,respectively, to provide a 3-dimensional picture of the cytoarchitectural structure and fiber tracts of the cord. Particular attention will be paid to nuclear groupings of the motor neurons of the ventral horn. The boundaries of the cytoarchitectural groups will be traced on overlays of the individual plates for each section.


  • M.D, 1987, Medicine, University of South China
  • Intern, Department of Otolaryngology, People Hospital of Hunan Province, P.R.China.
  • Resident, Department of Otolaryngology, People Hospital of Hunan Province, P.R.China.Fellowship, Department of Surgery of Head and Neck,Tumor Hospital of Hunan Province, P.R. China.

Recent Publications

  • Minor K, Tang X, Kahrilas G, Archibald SJ, Davies JE, Davies SJA, Decorin promotes robust axon growth on inhibitory CSPGs and myelin via a direct effect on neurons. Neurobiol Dis. 2008 Oct;32(1):88-95.
  • Davies JE, Tang X, Bournat JC, Davies SJA. Decorin promotes plasminogen/plasmin expression within acute spinal cord injuries and by adult microglia in vitro. J Neurotrauma 2006 Mar-Apr;23(3-4):397-408.
  • Davies JE, Tang XF, T. Phoenix, M. Mayer-Proschel, Davies SJ. A Transplantation of glial restricted precursor-derived type-1 astrocytes promotes axon growth  across acute spinal cord injuries 2004  Society for Neuroscience 34th Annial meeting Abstract
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  • Davies JE, Tang XF, Fox B, Archibald SJ, Davies SJ. A Decorin suppresses neurocan, brevican, phosphacan and NG2 expression withadult rat spinal cord scar tissue and promotes axon growth. 2003 Society for Neuroscience 33th Annial meeting Abstract
  • Tang XF, Davies JE, Davies SJ. A Changes in expression, distribution and cell associations of Neurocan, NG2,Neurocan, Phosphcan, Brevican, Versican V2 and Tenasxin-c during Acute to  Chronic Maturation of Spinal Cord Scar Tissue Journal of Neuroscience Research 71:427-444(2003)
  • Davies JE , Tang XF, Fox  B,Davies SJ. A Axon growth inhibitors within Adult spinal cord scar tissure:Acute to Chronic Expression pattern and Regulation by inflammation