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Houston Methodist Willowbrook Advanced Wound Care Clinic brings advanced wound care treatment, hyperbaric medicine and specially trained wound care teams to northwest Houston.

The wound care physicians and medical support staff of the Houston Methodist Willowbrook Advanced Wound Care Clinic provide the latest research and wound management technology to not only address chronic wounds but the underlying conditions and contributors as well – improving overall well–being and yielding sustained results.

Physicians and clinicians work collaboratively in assessing your overall health, diet, lifestyle and environmental conditions in order to establish a specific treatment plan and wound care program.

From diabetic, venous leg and pressure wounds to burns and trauma wounds, non–healing wounds can dramatically alter a person´s life – impacting activity level and threatening health.

A wound that has not healed in a month´s time should be evaluated by a wound care specialist.

The wound care team at Houston Methodist Advanced Wound Care Clinic is working to make patients whole and healthy again with an overall health approach to wound care.

Treatments include:

Contact a wound care specialist at 281-737-AWCC (2922) or request an appointment online.