Ductography is a tool used to identify or diagnose breast abnormalities that may be causing unexplained, spontaneous nipple discharge. This test is conducted during a mammogram. Patients are given a contrast material that is injected directly into the mammary duct of the breast. During the mammogram, the contrast marks the breast ducts, making any abnormalities more visible.
What to Expect During Ductography
Your ductogram will be performed while you are experiencing nipple discharge. This will help your radiologist locate the duct that is leaking; only this duct will be tested. Your radiologist will locate the appropriate duct and insert the contrast material using a tiny tube. This will cause pressure but should not be painful. Many women say it feels similar to the feeling of breastfeeding.

How Do I Schedule a Ductogram?
If your breast radiologist or doctor recommends that you have a ductogram, your referring doctor will be consulted, after which their office will send orders for the procedure. Once these orders are received, a nurse will contact you to schedule your ductogram. The nurse will give you specific instructions about what to do before and after the procedure.

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