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To add or update your contact information, please call The Methodist Hospital Weight Management Center at 713-441-5636 or complete the online form here.

Bariatric surgery registry is a data system designed for the collection, management, and analysis of data on persons who have had bariatric surgery.  The purpose of a registry is to use the data collected to identify trends in populations, demographics, treatment outcomes, and survival rates thus improving surgical care for the bariatric patient.

Why collect information on bariatric patients?

  • Required by the American College of Surgeons Bariatric Surgery Center Network (ACS BSCN) – The Methodist Hospital has undergone an independent, voluntary, and rigorous peer evaluation in accordance with nationally recognized bariatric surgical standards.  With the expanded range of facilities now engaged in bariatric surgery from full service inpatient hospitals to outpatient facilities, ACS BSCN Accreditation Program symbolizes institutional commitment and accountability for safe, high-quality surgical care, as evidenced by the documentation of performance indicators and the measurement of outcomes.  Bariatric surgery accreditation not only promotes uniform standard benchmarks, but also supports continuous quality improvement.
  • Education– Statistical reports of bariatric registry data enable physicians to evaluate the success of specific treatment modalities as measured by the quality of life and level of successful weight loss.
  • Lifetime Patient Follow up– Bariatric registry can serve as an automatic reminder to patients to schedule regular medical examinations, and assist efforts to provide continuing surveillance of bariatric patients.
  • Research – The data collected and maintained in the bariatric registry can serve as a valuable resource for physicians and others interested in clinical research.

In all circumstances, HIPAA guidelines are adhered to and confidentiality of patient identity is strictly maintained.

What information is collected?

The bariatric registry abstract is the primary document on which the details of your surgery are recorded.  Included are such pertinent facts as:

  • Demographic history – Age, sex, race/ethnicity, and place of residence.
  • Medical history– Any changes in general health since your bariatric surgery.
  • Follow Up– Annual information concerning patient status is updated to maintain accurate surveillance information.

How is registry data used?

Physicians and other investigators may utilize the data in the bariatric registry in several ways. These include:

  • Develop educational programs for health care providers, patients and the general public.
  • Identification of cases meeting certain research criteria established by the investigator.
  • Tabulation of registry data by selected variables or over selected time periods.
  • Data can be compared to both regional and/or national statistics by site to help determine the treatment with the best outcomes.
  • Compliance with the ACS BSCN to maintain Center of Excellence status.

Add or Update Your Information

To add or update your contact information, please call The Methodist Hospital Weight Management Center at 713-441-5636 or complete the online form here.