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Houston Methodist Hospital offers a free weekly pregnancy e-newsletter addressing topics of interest throughout your pregnancy. Based on the latest research, The Parent Review also offers tips for good health during pregnancy, breast feeding support and information about our services.

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Prior to your seventh month of pregnancy, we recommend that you pre-register with us at Houston Methodist. This ensures that we will have all of your information in our system and you won't need to go through the admitting process when you arrive in labor.

You can pre-register in person in Smith Tower on the fifth floor from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m, by telephone at 713-394-6805 or online. You will need your insurance information, social security number and date of expected delivery. You will also need to sign admission forms in person prior to delivery. This is important because Houston Methodist cannot treat you or give you anesthesia until you sign consent forms.

Classes & Tours

Houston Methodist offers an array of prenatal classes and tours so that you can be as familiar as possible with our facility and the labor and delivery process before the birth of your child. We encourage all family members to learn and participate in the birth experience. That's why at Houston Methodist we've created a series of courses taught by experienced medical professionals specially prepared for expecting parents and their family. Our classes are open to all expecting families in the community.

Registration for all classes is required.

Register Online or call 713-790-3333 for more information. Please note that the classes listed on this page are for Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. For more information about services available at one of our community hospitals, please visit the Our Locations page.

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