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Obstetrics - High Risk Pregnancies

High Risk Pregnancies

Houston Methodist is well-prepared to care for you and your baby if your pregnancy is considered high-risk. A pregnancy is considered high-risk when the risk of birth defects or complication is increased. Although most births are without incident, a pregnancy can be considered high-risk because of the specific health history of mother or child.

Houston Methodist's dedicated high-risk delivery team and facilities can manage any level of high-risk delivery. High-risk deliveries pose an elevated risk of health complications to both the baby and the mother. Our neonatal team which provides coordinated care for the most critically ill infant are comprised of:

  • Baylor Pediatricians
  • Neonatal Transport Nurses
  • Respiratory Therapists

Houston Methodist cares for most of its ill babies. If necessary, the baby is immediately transported via a direct underground tunnel to Texas Children's Hospital where a Level III neonatal care is available.

Houston Methodist's world-renowned adult care team stabilizes and manages the post-partum mother. Houston Methodist has long been a destination for high-risk mothers, and it is not uncommon for other hospitals to transport their critically ill adult patients to Houston Methodist after they deliver their baby.

Countless lives have been spared because of Houston Methodist's well-coordinated high-risk and emergency delivery team.

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