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Sleep Disorders and Stress

Sleep Disorders

Lack of sleep can actually cause more stress. When you're sleep deficient, the body's functions are put on high alert, which may lead to higher blood pressure and increased production of stress hormones. Higher blood pressure can also heighten your risk for heart attack and stroke.

For more information about how you can counteract these effects of stress, call the Methodist Sleep Disorders Center at 713-441-7854 or e-mail methodistsleep@houstonmethodist.org.

Sleep Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment

You juggle a busy schedule, so a good night's sleep is essential to keep you going. A sleep disorder can disrupt your nighttime rest, affecting your energy level and ability to concentrate during the day.

What's more, sleep plays a role in your overall health. Quality rest has been linked to health benefits such as improved memory, increased metabolism, and lower risk of heart disease and cancer. So if you're having trouble sleeping, you may be missing a valuable line of defense against illness.

The Methodist Sleep Disorders Center offers a wide variety of diagnostic services and a comprehensive range of treatments. The Center's sleep laboratory and clinic use leading technology to provide outstanding specialized care for those with sleep disorders.

To learn more about sleep disorders or to schedule an appointment, contact the Methodist Sleep Disorders Center at 713-441-7854 or methodistsleep@houstonmethodist.org.