Wellness Portal

Houston  Methodist’s health management portal is a powerful and engaging resource that will open new doors for your employees, while providing an experienced partner to help them take charge of their health and well-being. Our online interactive health management portal is personalized for each participant, using advanced consumer profiling capabilities. Its scalable, flexible infrastructure can be co-branded for your organization and integrates content, tools and programs from Houston Methodist Wellness Services. The portal, programs and resources are available in both English and Spanish. Our platform offers digital features, including a health-risk assessment, personal health record, secure messaging, rewards platform, web-based coaching, health trackers and educational content.

Additional information is available to help you learn more  about our wellness portal. For a more comprehensive review of our online portal solutions, contact a wellness consultant at 713.363.7007 or send an email to: wellnessconsultant@houstonmethodist.org.