For Health Professionals

Houston Methodist’s Weight Management Center offers patients a comprehensive obesity treatment program  — the only one of its kind in Houston— that includes a variety of medical and surgical treatment options.

Our weight management specialists are committed to the treatment of each patient’s weight and nutrition, serving the needs of both women and men when it comes to obesity and disorders that affect cardiovascular, metabolic and endocrine systems, as well as joint pain and additional quality of life issues. We work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary environment.

As a primary care physician, you are an important part of your patient's treatment team. Our physicians and staff will work closely with you to coordinate effective and personalized care for your patient. To refer a patient to our center for nonsurgical treatment, please download our physician referral form. For bariatric surgery referrals, please download our bariatric surgical order referral form.

The Houston Methodist weight management team includes experts in various areas to help a patient start his or her journey of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle:

Refer a Patient for Diabetes Education
Referring patients to the Houston Methodist Weight Management Center for diabetes education is simple. Please complete the physician referral form , including all pertinent sections, such as the patient's contact information, diagnosis and labs. Once completed, fax the referral form to 713.790.6366.

Please remember to designate the patient's preferred location. We offer a diabetes education program recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education. Our education programs are designed to individualize treatment for diabetics to self-manage the disease and improve their health and vitality. 

Clinical Research
Our physicians drive innovative research to further discoveries related to today’s most prevalent nutritional and metabolic conditions and diseases. 

We welcome inquiries and patient referrals from physicians around the world. Members of our weight management team exemplify the professionalism and skills to effectively work with you and your patients to determine the best possible approach for a successful outcome.