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Watching for Warning Signs

Once you have been treated for heart failure, flare-ups can happen. Be sure to call your doctor if you notice any of these warning signs of a flare-up:


  • Your ankles or lower legs get puffy.
  • Your shoes feel too tight.
  • Your clothes are tighter at the waist.
  • You have trouble getting rings on and off your fingers.

Shortness of Breath

  • You have to breathe harder even while doing normal activities or resting.
  • You wake up at night short of breath or coughing.
  • You need to use more pillows or sit up to sleep.

Sudden Weight Gain

  • You gain more than 3 pounds in 1 day.
  • You gain more than 5 pounds in 1 week.

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Other Warning Signs

  • You feel weak, dizzy or unusually tired.
  • You have chest pain or changes in your heartbeat.
  • You have a cough that will not go away.
  • You can not remember things.
  • You lose your appetite.

Learn more about what to do after you are discharged:

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