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Department of Neurosurgery

Grand Rounds Video Library


October 18, 2013
"Cell Reprogramming: A compelling but challenging path toward treatment of chronic spinal cord injury"
Speaker: Philip J. Horner, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery
University of Washington


July 19, 2013
“Modulation of the Immune System for Neuroprotection - Toll-like Receptors: A Neurosurgeons Role in Basic Stroke Research”

Speaker: Alexander West, MD, PhD
Colorado Brain and Spine Institute
Englewood, CO


July 12, 2013
“Intrinsic Neural Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow and Neuroprotection”
Speaker: Eugene V. Golanov, MD, PhD
Research Scientist, Dept of Neurosurgery/NSLIJ
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Manhasset, NY