Living Donor Center

The doctors and staff of the Living Donor Center at Houston Methodist are committed to educating, inspiring and supporting those who have decided to give the ultimate gift of life through kidney donation. This is a major decision that involves emotional and spiritual, as well as physical considerations. We are here to support both donors and recipients throughout the entire living donation process.

Our service to donors and recipients begins with education, ensuring that they understand all aspects of living donation and answering all their questions, whether it is leading up to or after surgery. We also complete an extensive evaluation of the donor's health condition, mental state and reasons for donating to ensure that he or she is physically, psychologically and emotionally prepared for the experience.

In some cases, patients who need kidney transplants are unable to be matched with living donors. For these patients, our Donor Exchange Program can coordinate a paired kidney exchange. This type of donation consists of two or more kidney donor/recipient pairs whose blood types are not compatible and the two recipients trade donors so each can receive a kidney with a compatible blood type.

Learn more about organ donation or register to become a living donor.

Patient Stories

Perhaps the best way to learn about the living donor process is through our patients. View their inspiring stories below to learn more about their experience of being a patient at Houston Methodist.

Diane's Story

Diane Ikonomidis saved a stranger’s life by donating a kidney. Now she wants others to understand how meaningful kidney donation can be to someone whose life depends on a transplant. “If you could do that, why wouldn’t you?” she asks.

Byron and Lori's Story

Lori Ledet decided to become a kidney donor after she discovered her father, Byron Taylor, needed a new one to survive. She even began the process before revealing her plan to him. Taylor says receiving his daughter’s kidney “is one of the greatest gifts I have ever had in my life.”

Tina and Christy's Story

Tina Huerta required dialysis three times a week, every week, for six years before she finally qualified for a kidney transplant. But she needed a donor. Her friend Christy Gilliam donated a kidney to free Huerta from dialysis and reclaim her life.

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