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Education & Training




  • YR 5 Pilot Projects:

Kenji Yokoi (Houston Methodist Research Institute), Rita Serda (Baylor College of Medicine), Arturas Ziemys (Houston Methodist Research Institute), and Milo Kojic (Houston Methodist Research Institute)
"Platelet initiation of the pre-metastatic niche"

Ennio Tasciotti (Houston Methodist Research Institute), Steven Curley (Baylor College of Medicine) and Stuart Corr (Baylor College of Medicine)
"Transport, diffusion and retention phenomena of nanovectors in the tumor parenchyma"

  • YR 5 Outreach Pilot Project:

Subroto Paul (Weill Cornell Medical Center), Vivek Mittal (Weill Cornell Medical Center), Biana Godin Vilentchouk (Houston Methodist Research Institute)
"Overcoming barriers in pleural malignancies with multistage nanovectors"

  • 2013 PS-OC Young Investigator Trans-Network Awardees:

David Savage (Houston Methodist Research Institute PS-OC), Zhubo Wei, and Huanhuan "Joyce" Chen (Cornell PS-OC)
"Identification of invasion Driver Gene Utilizing a Bioartificial Colorectal Cancer Model with Transposon Mutagenesis, and Functional Validation Using Porous Silicon Gene Deliver"

  • 2013 PS-OC Trans-Network Project Awardees:

Paolo Decuzzi, Ph.D (Houston Methodist Research Institute PS-OC), Michael King, Ph.D (Cornell PS-OC), Owen McCarty, Ph.D (Scripps PS-OC)
"What Makes a Microenvironment Permissible for Tumor Growth? Goal 3: Circulating tumor micremboli (CTM) interactions with blood cells and plasma in the vascular microenvironment"

  • CTO Pilot Project for Yr 5
  • 2014 PS-OC Summer Undergraduate Training Research Program
  • CTO Workshop:  Intravital Microscopy Nanoparticle Dynamice in Real-time
  • Tools for Nanomedicine Video Series





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