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Department of Nanomedicine Recent Publications

Ferrari, M (2010)
Vectoring siRNA therapeutics into the clinic
Nature Reviews in Clinical Oncology 7(9):485-6.

Godin B, Driessen WH, Proneth B, Lee SY, Srinivasan S, Rumbaut R, Arap W, Pasqualini R, Ferrari M, Decuzzi P (2010)
An integrated approach for the rational design of nanovectors for biomedical imaging and therapy
Advances in Genetics 69:31-64.

Somasunderam A, Thiviyanathan V, Tanaka T, Li X, Neerathilingam M, Lokesh GL, Mann A, Peng Y, Ferrari M, Klostergaard J, Gorenstein DG (2010)
Combinatorial selection of DNA thioaptamers targeted to the HA binding doman of human CD44
Biochemistry 49(42):9106-9112.

Hu Y, Bouamrani A, Tasciotti E, Li L, Liu X, Ferrari M (2010)
Tailoring of the nanotexture of mesoporous silica films and their functionalized derivatives for selectively harvesting low molecular weight protein
ACS Nano. 4(1):439-451.

Godin B, Gu J, Serda RE, Bhavane R, Tasciotti E, Chiappini C, Liu X, Tanaka T, Decuzzi P, Ferrari M (2010)
Tailoring the degradation kinetics of mesoporous silicon structures through PEGylation
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 94(4):1236-1243.

Parmar BJ, Longsine W, Sabonghy EP, Han A, Tasciotti E, Weiner BK, Ferrari M, Righetti R(2010)
Characterization of controlled bone defects using 2D and 3D ultrasound imaging techniques
Physics in Medicine and Biology 55(16):4839-4859.

Ferrati S, Mack A, Chiappini C, Liu X, Bean AJ, Ferrari M, Serda RE (2010)
Intracellular trafficking of silicon particles and logic-embedded vectors
Nanoscale 2(8):1512-1520.

Sakamoto JH, van de Ven AL, Godin B, Blanco E, Serda RE, Grattoni A, Ziemys A, Bouamrani A, Hu T, Ranganathan SI, De Rosa E, Martinez JO, Smid CA, Buchanan RM, Lee SY, Srinivasan S, Landry M, Meyn A, Tasciotti E, Liu X, Decuzzi P, Ferrari M (2010)
Enabling individualized therapy through nanotechnology
Pharmacological Research 62(2):57-89.

Ranganathan S, Decuzzi, P, Wheeler LT, Ferrari M (2010)
Geometrical anisotropy in biphase particle reinforced composites
Journal of Applied Mechanics 77(4):041017.

Ranganathan SI, Yoon DM, Henslee AM, Nair MB, Smid C, Kasper FK, Tasciotti E, Mikos AG, Decuzzi P, Ferrari M (2010)
Shaping the micromechanical behavior of multi-phase composites for bone tissue engineering
Acta Biomaterialia 6:3448-3456.

Serda RE, Mack A, Pulikkathara M, Zaske AM, Chiappini C, Fakhoury JR, Webb D, Godin B, Conyers JL, Liu XW, Bankson JA, Ferrari M (2010)
Cellular association and assembly of a multistage delivery system
Small 6(12):1329-1340.

Tanaka T, Mangala LS, Vivas-Mejia PE, Nieves-Alicea R, Mann AP, Mora E, Han HD, Shahzad MM, Liu X, Bhavane R, Gu J, Fakhoury JR, Chiappini C, Lu C, Matsuo K, Godin B, Stone RL, Nick AM, Lopez-Berestein G, Sood AK, Ferrari M (2010)
Sustained small interfering RNA delivery by mesoporous silicon particles
Cancer Research 70(9):3687-3696.

Grattoni A, Fine D, Ziemys A, Gill J, Zabre E, Goodall R, Ferrari M (2010)
Nanochannel systems for personalized therapy and laboratory diagnostics
Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnol ogy 11(4):343-365.

Godin B, Sakamoto JH, Serda RE, Grattoni A, Bouamrani A, Ferrari M (2010)
Emerging applications of nanomedicine for therapy and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 31(5):199-205.

Chiappini C, Tasciotti E, Fakhoury JR, Fine D, Pullan L, Wang YC, Fu L, Liu X, Ferrari M (2010)
Tailored porous silicon microparticles: Fabrication and properties
ChemPhysChem 11(5):1029-1035.

Ferrari, M (2010)
Frontiers in cancer nanomedicine: Directing mass transport through biological barriers
Trends in Biotechnology 28(4):181-188.

Decuzzi P, Godin B, Tanaka T, Lee SY, Chiappini C, Liu X, Ferrari M (2010)
Size and shape effects in the biodistribution of intravascularly injected particles
Journal of Controlled Release 141(3):320-327.

Bouamrani A, Hu Y, Tasciotti E, Li L, Chiappini C, Liu X, Ferrari M (2010)
Mesoporous silica chips for selective enrichment and stabilization of low molecular weight proteome
Proteomics 10(3):496-505.

Decuzzi P, Ferrari M (2010)
Modulating cellular adhesion through nanotopography
Biomaterials 31(1):173-179.

Evans, J (2009)
Five big ideas for nanotechnology
Nature Medicine 15(4):348.

Ferrari, M (2009).
Straight talk with... Mauro Ferrari. Interviewed by Jon Evans
Nature Medicine 15(7):716-7.

Ferrari, M, Philibert, M, and Sanhai, W (2009).
Nanomedicine and society
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 85(5):466-7.

Gewin, V (2009).
Big opportunities in a small world
Nature 460(7254):540-1.

Grattoni, A, De Rosa, E, Ferrati, S, Wang, Z, Gianesini, A, Liu, X, Hussain, F, Goodall, R, and Ferrari, M (2009).
Analysis of a nanochanneled membrane structure through convective gas flow
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 19(11).

Serda, R, Godin, B, Tasciotti, E, Liu, X, Ferrari, M (2009).
Mitotic trafficking of silicon microparticles
Nanoscale 1(2):250-9.

Serda, R, Gu, J, Bhavane, R, Liu, X, Chiappini, C, Decuzzi, P, Ferrari, M (2009).
The association of silicon microparticles with endothelial cells in drug delivery to the vasculature
Biomaterials 30(13):2440-8.

Serda, R, Gu, J, Burks, J, Ferrari, C, Ferrari, K, Ferrari, M (2009).
Quantitative mechanics of endothelial phagocytosis of silicon microparticles
Cytometry A 75(9):752.