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Recent Books & Special Journal Issues

Recent Books and Journal Special Issues


Recent Journal Special Issues

  • Tsiknakis M, Pattichis CS, Promponas V, Graf N, Wang M, Wong ST, Bourbakis N. Computational solutions to large-scale data management and analysis in translational and personalized medicine. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2013.
  • Chang, J, Wong ST, Newcomb R, Philipp Hafliger (eds). The Third Revolution in Medicine—the Convergence of Life Sciences with Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering. IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, 2012. Q3, August. DOI: 10.1109/MCAS.2012.2206989.
  • Liao H, Wong KK, Xue Z.(eds). Special issue of image-guided surgical planning and therapy. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 2010 Jan; 34(1).
  • Wong ST (ed.), Special issue in "Advances in Molecular Imaging," European J of Radiology, 2009 May;70(2).
  • Wong ST, Chang J, Ogorzalek M (eds). Special issues of Computational Systems Biology. Proceedings of IEEE, 2008 Aug;96(8).
  • Wong STC. Special issue of Genotype-image phenotype studies in neuroscience. Neuroinformatics, 2006 Winter;4(1).
  • Andreou A, Chung PC, Yang GZ, Wong STC (eds). Special issues of Advances in Life Science Systems and Applications. IEEE Trans Circuits and Systems, Nov 2006.
  • Wong ST and Koslow S(eds). Human Brain Program Research Progress in Bioimaging/Neuroinformatics. JAMIA 2001 Sept-Oct;8(5).
  • Wong ST and Koslow SH (eds). Human Brain Program Research Progress in Bioinformatics/Neuroinformatics. JAMIA 2001 Jan-Feb; 8(1).

Recent Books