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Funding & Support

Funding and Support:

National Library of Medicine

National Cancer Institute

National Institute On Aging

Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program

The Ting Tsung and WeiFong Chao Family Foundation

John S. Dunn Research Foundation

Virginia and L.E. Simmons Family Foundation



Extramural Funded Projects:


NLM R01-LM009161:

Neuronal Spines Tracking and Analysis for Time-Lapse, 3D Optical Microscopy

NLM 1R01-LM010185:

System Biology Approach for Signaling Transduction Study of Complex Phenotypes

NLM G08-LM008937:

Assisted Follow-up in NeuroImaging of Therapeutic Intervention

NLM R13-LM009571:

NIH Life Science Systems and Application Workshop (LiSSA)

NIA R01-AG028928:

High-content Image Analysis and Modeling for Neuron Assay Based Screening

NCI 5R01-CA121225:

High-content Image Analysis and Modeling for RANigenome-wide Screening

NIH U54CA149169:

Center for Systematic Modeling of Cancer Development

CPRIT RR100627:

A Multimodality Image-guided System for Peripheral Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

CPRIT RP110532-C1:

Texas Screening Alliance for Cancer Therapeutics

The Simmons Family Foundation Collaborative Research Grant :

Integrative Systems Biology Approaches for MB subtyping and Therapeutic Target and Drug Discovery

TT & WF Chao Family Foundation Center for BRAIN:

Applying advanced neurotechnology and neuroimaging to understand mechanism and find cost-effective cure of neurodegeneration, especially Alzheimer's disease

John S. Dunn Research Foundation:

Establishing the bioengineering department at Houston Methodist Hospital and establish research collaboration in biomedical engineering with the University of Houston