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Flow Cytometry Laboratory Members




David L. Haviland, Ph.D., C.Cy.

Core Director Flow Cytometry

David has been working with flow cytometers since 1985 when he was trained on a Coulter Epics V with a C bench while in graduate school. At Washington University he was working with a Coulter Profile and Coulter Elite, at the UT-IMM he oversaw an Aria-I, Aria-II, Vantage SE, LSRII, and FACS Calibur.   Since coming to TMHRI, Dr. Haviland has been operating BD FACS Fortessa, LSRII flow, two Aria-II flow cytometers, and Milipore Guava 8-HT. For additional information please email Dr. Haviland or call 713-441-9233.