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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Why do I have to complete the learner application process?

The Methodist Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission, which provides guidance on the standards that hospitals must abide by in order to maintain level of quality and patient care. As an accredited hospital, HR Standard 01.02.05 states that “before providing care, treatment, and services, the hospital confirms that non-employees brought into the hospital…have the same qualifications and competencies required of employed individuals performing the same or similar services.”

This standard thus implies that if a requirement is placed on employees of the hospital, those too are expected of all non-employees providing care to our patients to ensure consistency amount providers. It also makes TMH staff aware of the learners that are onsite at any given time in the event of an emergency.

QUESTION: What are the required qualifications and competencies of all non-employed rotating learners?

The primary requirements are consistent among all programs, however there are some additional requirements that are specific for medical residents and fellows. The qualifications that are required prior to rotating at TMH are the following:

  • Valid and current affiliation agreement or program letter of agreement between TMH and your sponsoring institution (the GME Office will confirm)

  • A completed rotator application, based on your respective training program

  • Verification of appropriate licensure and certification (medical school diploma, PIT permit, etc.)

  • Valid Background Check and Drug Screen conducted prior to arriving at TMH for rotation

  • Copies of current immunization record, personal health insurance coverage card, and driver’s license/passport or other government issued photo identification

The additional requirements for medical residents and fellows includes:

  • Copy of Texas Medical License or Permit

  • Copy of Medical School Diploma

  • Verification of current ACLS/ATLS/PALS (PALS is for pediatric residents only) certification

  • Copy of ECFMG certificate (foreign medical graduates only)

  • Copy of DEA & DPS certificates (fully licensed residents and fellows only)

If there are any specific questions on these requirements, please refer to the online application or contact the EI office for more information.

QUESTION: What should I do once I have completed my online application?

All applications must be submitted to The Methodist Hospital Education Institute at least 4 weeks before a scheduled rotation to ensure that all documents can be reviewed for completeness. If this cannot be achieved, there may be a delay in the processing time that a learner experiences when arriving on the first day of a rotation.

If there are any questions from the EI, the learner will be contacted to provide additional information. Please make sure that the most accurate contact information is provided on the application document.

QUESTION: What are the requirements for background checks and drug screens?

A valid background check and drug screen must be conducted prior to beginning a rotation at The Methodist Hospital. In following the Joint Commission standard to comply with the process by which this is conducted for employees, these screens can be done at any time in the learner’s training including for pre-employment purposes at their current educational institution.

All institutions/learners rotating to TMH are now responsible for providing a confirmation statement attesting the fact that this requirement has been conducted. The statement below should be completed and submitted by a designated official at the learner’s respective insurance and placed on institutional letterhead confirming that it has been completed and documentation is on file should it be requested in the future:

As a designated representative of [INSTITUTION NAME], I attest that the proper background checks and drug screens have been conducted on the following students, [PLEASE PROVIDE LIST] and that this information is present in the student's personnel file and that the above named students have been determined to be competent for the field of study and assigned area.

Signature of Designated Official or Designee Date

QUESTION: What happens once the documents are all received by the EI Office?

The learner or institution will be notified of any missing documents and asked to provide them prior to beginning the scheduled rotation.

An email will be sent to the learner at the email address provided on the application with a link to the mandatory Joint Commission in-services to be completed PRIOR TO arrival at TMH on the first day of the scheduled rotation. Failure to complete before arrival will delay the on boarding process.

QUESTION: Where do learners go on the first day of a scheduled rotation to complete the process?

The EI Office is located on the 1st floor of the Mary Gibbs Jones Building (former Texas Woman’s University building) on the corner of Bertner and John Freeman. If complete, the learner will take a badge picture and be sent to MethOD training, if applicable. Once this training has been completed, the learner will return and obtain their badge and are free to begin their scheduled rotation.

If there are missing items from the application packet, these will need to be provided before a badge can be provided or rotation to begin.

QUESTION: How often do learners have to repeat this process?

Several aspects of the application are only to be completed one time, however there are instances where additional information should be provided.

If a learner transfers from one institution to another, a new application along with all required documents will be requested. This is to ensure that the proper agreements are in place for that learner and that the changes in institutional information can be documented.

Many learners will rotate, leave Methodist, and then return later in their training for additional rotations. It is requested that these new rotations be communicated to the EI Office by contacting staff at 713-441-1833 prior to the beginning of the scheduled rotation to ensure that the information has been updated.

For those programs that require MethOD training (medical resident/fellow, medical student, PA, pharmacy), the learner will be required to attend training again if the break in rotations is in excess of 3 months to ensure that any changes to the system are fully understood and used in the appropriate manner.

QUESTION: Who do I contact with questions?

The EI staff is ready and willing to answer any questions or clarify anything that may need to be explained further. The EI Office can be reached at 713-441-1833 or 713-441-1834 and calls will be disbursed based on specific need.