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Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation

Patient in Therapy Session

Our goal in therapeutic recreation (TR) is to improve a person’s function and assist the person to remain active and independent in life, including leisure activities. 

Scope of practice:  Therapeutic Recreation utilizes a wide range of activity and interventions to improve physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and leisure needs of their patients.  Our recreational therapists assist patients in the TMH Skilled Nursing Unit and TMH Rehabilitation Center to develop skills, knowledge, and behaviors for daily living and community involvement. 

Your individualized therapy goals will be established and based upon objective findings of the therapist’s evaluation, your preferences; and best practices in TR.  Therapeutic recreational activities may be delivered at your bedside, in a community room on your patient unit, or during an “outing” on our campus. 

Our standards of care have been established using evidence and guidelines from The National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification and the American Therapeutic Recreation Association. 

Qualifications:  Our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CRTS) are registered by the state and have experience and training to work in SNF and Rehab with adults who have various serious medical conditions. 

TR services at TMH include:

  • Evaluation
  • Patient education
  • Practice of leisure activities
  • Adaption of leisure activities

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