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For Patients

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As the understanding of complex surgical and medical disorders has grown, it has become clear that multi-specialty teams involved in a patient's care need to work together to provide the highest quality patient care. In order to embrace this new standard and continue to strive towards the common goal of integrated patient care delivery, TMHPO Department of Surgery offers acute care, digestive, general, surgical oncology, thoracic, and transplant surgery services.

We have clinical offices located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Sugar Land, and Willowbrook. Please call our offices for more information or to schedule an appointment.

For Appointments:

The Methodist Hospital - Texas Medical Center: 713-441-5141
Methodist Sugar Land Hospital: 281-275-0830
Methodist Willowbrook Hospital: 281-737-0970

Request a Clinic Appointment

Prior to your appointment, we will need you to obtain the medical records relevant to your visit. Your referring physician's office will likely require a medical records release prior to forwarding records to our office. Please complete the medical record release and forward it to the referring physicians office.

To schedule an appointment, please call

  • Medical Center: 713-441-5141
  • Sugar Land: 281-275-0830
    Willowbrook: 281-737-0970

Preparing for your Clinic Appointment

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment and bring the following with you on the day of your appointment:

  • completed new patient packet (listed below);
  • the patient's valid medical insurance card(s);
  • a form of identification for the patient;
  • medical records relevant to the visit;
  • lab results relevant to this visit; and/or
  • radiology films (CD format of films is preferable) relevant to this visit.

Patient Forms

Please also fill out the forms below and bring with you to your appointment:

Map of directions to our main campus clinic

Main campus map

Preparing for Your Surgery or Hospitalization

In the course of your treatment, you and your doctor may decide surgery is necessary. It helps to know what steps to take when you're preparing for a surgical procedure.

Our Job
Because we want to give you the best care possible, we are constantly striving to increase our medical knowledge throught raining and education. Surgeons a The Methodist Hospital are leaders in technology and technique — so you'll be in very good hands.

Your Role
Before you decide to have a surgical procedure, use all of the available resources to help you make an informed decision. It's important to ask questions and gather as much information as you can — a process that may include getting a second opinion from another doctor, particularly if the decision-making process remains difficult.

Mark the Spot
It's always a good idea to confirm the facts before the procedure begins. Talk with your doctor and surgeon beforehand and review the details with them, like your name, the type of surgery you're having and the part of your body that requires surgery. Many surgeons will actually mark the site with a special pen — ask your surgeon for more information about this.

Clean Up
When you're getting ready to go to the hospital, think clean. Shower, wash your hair, and remove nail polish and makeup. You should leave jewelry and other accessories at home as well — this makes it easier for your team to check your circulation during the operation, and can help lower the risk of infection.

Ask Questions!
As with any stage of your treatment, you should be fully aware of what's going on. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

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