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What is MITIE?

Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation and Education (MITIE) is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art education and research center at Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. Its educational mission focuses on physicians who wish to acquire new procedural skills and integrate new technologies into their practices. Its research mission is to enhance the use of image-guided technology to guide procedures, incorporate robotic surgery into the image-guided platform, and develop new technology and procedural techniques. To accomplish these missions, MITIE contains three essential elements housed under one roof:

  • Virtual hospital: The virtual hospital uses simulation technology to recreate any part of the patient care environment. Skills ranging from establishing an airway on a partial task simulator to crew resource management of an operating room emergency on a high-fidelity, full patient mannequin can be practiced here. Simulation allows the reliable recreation of low-frequency, high-risk events in a manner conducive to learning while robust audiovisual recording fosters debriefing after an exercise to shape behavior in a positive way.
  • Procedural skills lab: The procedural skills lab is equipped to conduct hands-on procedural training using animate and inanimate models. Each skills station is essentially a compact operating room or endoscopy suite with all the tools necessary to conduct procedures across a variety of surgical and medical specialties.
  • Core of research operating rooms equipped with surgical robots and image-guidance technology: The core suite of research operating rooms in MITIE are focused on training in robotic surgery, image-guided procedures, and the development of new technology.