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"Step LITESM" – A realistic approach to healthy nutrition and weight loss will provide an option to anyone who desires up to 2 lbs weight loss per week and lifestyle change.

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Moderate Weight Management Program (Step LITESM)

Are you ready to lose a few pounds and need some help getting started? If so, The Methodist Hospital’s Weight Management team has a new moderate program just for you: Step LITESM!

Step LITESM is a program designed to improve health and produce the weight loss results you want. Licensed, Registered Dietitians and Licensed Professional Counselors share with you the tools you need to lose weight and begin a healthier lifestyle. Unlike our Medical Weight Management Program that is very low calorie, your Step LITESM eating plan will include the same great tasting products available only through our program plus a low calorie food plan.

Program Features

  • Weekly check-in and group sessions
  • Topics include: lifestyle change, healthy eating, grab and go eating, stress reducers and many more.
  • Sessions are led by licensed professionals and offer a supportive environment
  • Flexible meal plans (for your personal needs)

Program Objectives

  • A realistic, healthy approach to weight loss that is tailored to your personal style
  • Sessions will focus on group activities that promote day-to-day healthy lifestyle habits
  • Safe weight loss of up to 2 pounds per week (varies with body type and activity level)

Diet plan basics

  • A low calorie meal plan including meal replacements and products from New Direction
  • Bars, beverages, soups and snacks