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Assessment and management of overweight and obesity

Causes of weight gain and obesity are complex. The Weight Management Center delivers the highest level of care by helping patients develop a better understanding of the contributing factors that have influenced their weight and health. Having an assessment with one of our professional counselors to explore those factors is an important part first step in the treatment process.  

What is the Start-Up Behavioral Assessment?

The Behavioral Assessment is an in-person interview to discuss life experiences that may have contributed to weight and health issues.  Additionally, each patient is asked to complete a brief questionnaire, the Quality of Life Inventory (QOLI®), to further assist in the assessment process. Information obtained from the QOLI® may provide targets for additional intervention and clinical focus. Based on the information collected during the assessment, a clinical summary with treatment recommendations and suggestions is shared with each patient, as are results of the QOLI®. 

When do I need to have the Behavior Assessment done?

We recommend that all patients have a Behavior Assessment completed as part of the start up process.

How long does the Behavioral Assessment take?

Since the assessment is individualized to each patient and can take from 30-60 minutes.

How do I schedule a Start-Up Behavior Assessment?

You can schedule this appointment at Start-Up or by calling Chantel Jones at 713-441-5964. For an appointment at Willowbrook, you can call 281-737-1265 or schedule during your clinic.

Is it required that I have a Behavioral Assessment conducted to participate in the Weight Management Program?

Yes, the Behavior Assessment is an essential component of the program. The information helps us help you achieve your weight goal and develop the healthy habits and lifestyle needed to manage your weight in the future.

Do I need to complete an assessment if I have one in the past?

Yes, we know that circumstances change over time as does one’s motivation, level of integration of new skills and overall lifestyle habits. The time spent in a behavior assessment ensures that we have the most current information and helps us help you be successful in getting to and living at that healthier place.