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Childbirth Classes and Lactation Consultation

For some parents, childbirth as well as the process of breast feeding can be intimidating. To help educate parents and ease their worries, Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital now offers childbirth classes and lactation consultation.

The childbirth class is $50 and includes one-on-one labor and delivery instruction, educational materials, hospital/nursery/labor and delivery room tours and a lunch for both the mother and birthing coach. The class is offered two Saturdays a month from 9:00 am through 3:00 pm in the classrooms at Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital, located at 4401 Garth Road in Baytown. Class topics include information about pregnancy, stages of labor in both natural and cesarean deliveries, relaxation techniques, birth positioning and breathing exercises during labor.

“Studies show that preparing for childbirth can provide a sense of relief from the anxiety of the unknown that may occur for first-time parents. Prepared parents have an understanding about the birthing procedure and equipment that is used in the labor process and can make educated decisions about their birth plan. In addition they will be familiar with the department’s policies and services that are available for them at the hospital,” said Isa Pierce RN, CCE, Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital’s Childbirth Educator.

Participants should bring a pillow or a small blanket for positioning purposes. For those non-English speaking participants, there will be a question and answer session conducted in both English and Spanish at the conclusion of class. An online version of the class will be available in 2009. For more information about payment, the online-class option or to reserve a spot for the class please call 281-420-7353.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration the best food for newborns is breast milk and for children, it supports optimal development and protects against acute and chronic illness. To assist mothers in the breast feeding process Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital now offers lactation consultation.

“Breast feeding allows the mother to nurture her baby both physically and emotionally. Breast milk is the best nutrition that a mother can provide. I am proud and honored to be an assistant and resource in this process,” said Cathleen Carnaby, RNC, IBCLC, contracted Lactation Consultant for Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital.

The hospital’s lactation consultant provides support and guidance for mothers and family members. The consultant visits with the majority of families who have a baby at Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital and are choosing to breast feed. For more information about the hospital’s lactation consultation call 281-420-7339.