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Spiritual Care

Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hopsital Spiritual Care

Your emotional and spiritual needs are very important and very personal.

Since our doors first opened in April, 1948, Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital has provided quality medical care. Through the years, we’ve grown with the community, enhancing and expanding our services every step of the way. Today, Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital and Methodist Health Care System offer comprehensive care for our patients at every stage of life. Our Mission is to be the provider of health care that you would choose for yourself and your loved ones. We are committed to offer service, healing, and education for our patients and the communities where they live.

Emotional and Spiritual Care Values

Honest and ethical in what we do and say.

Respond to spiritual and emotional concerns while attending to physical needs.

Take responsibility for our actions.

Treat everyone as a person of value and worth.

Being the best at what we do.

Caring about Your Emotional and Spiritual Needs

When your life is interrupted by illness or accident, addressing your spiritual and emotional needs is an important part of your care. We have several resources available when these needs arise.

Please let your caregiver know that you would like to speak with a Hospital Chaplain. Or, you may call the following numbers and request that a Chaplain speak with you.

Contact Information

Chaplain Main Office: 281-428-4401
Social Services: 281-420-8610
Patient Relations: 281-420-8825

Chapel Locations

Schweitzer Chapel: 3rd Floor — Garth Campus
Hospital Chapel: 1st Floor — Alexander Campus

Caring Nurses and Other Staff Members

Anyone who works with you during your stay is ready to help you find assistance if spiritual concerns or emotional needs arise.

Hospital Chaplains

Our Chaplains are ministers who specialize in Pastoral and Spiritual Care, and help in sorting out emotional needs. A chaplain is available to listen and talk with you, to pray with you, and to help in finding other sources of help for you.

If the illness, surgery, or injuries that brought you to the hospital will make changes in your daily life or in your ability to live independently, the Chaplain is available to talk with patients and families about the feelings connected with this change. In this capacity, the chaplain works closely with our Social Workers, who help with knowing the options available for new living needs. Both the Chaplain and the Social Worker are part of the multidisciplinary team that works to coordinate the process of addressing all of your care needs. Sometimes it is necessary to make difficult decisions about end-of-life issues. The Chaplain is available to support patients and families at this time, and to help find answers to questions that arise in this process.

Hospital staff

Any staff member who is involved in your care, or who you meet while in the hospital cares about your spiritual and emotional needs. Please feel free to tell them what you need so that they can help in meeting this need.

Priest or Clergy from your own Place of Worship

If you wish to have a minister or other clergy from your personal place of worship to visit you, we want to assist you in contacting them. If you would like to have a priest to provide the Sacrament of the Sick or the Sacrament of Confession, we can ask a local priest to come. If you want Holy Communion, this is available from several sources.

Please have your care provider contact the Chaplain to make these arrangements. Or, call the Chaplain Office at 281-428-4401.

Ratient Relations Representative

A representative of Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital will visit during your stay to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. This person will help with problems or questions that have come up since you were admitted. Please tell them if there is something more that we can do for you by calling 281-420-8825.

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Download Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital Emotional & Spiritual Care brochure (pdf).

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