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Serum & Tissue Biorepository

Serum and Tissue Biorepository

Serum and Tissue Biorepository

The biorepository is a large, general-purpose sample bank and associated database of pre-selected and randomly selected specimens for use by Methodist researchers and their collaborators. All collection activities are conducted in a manner that will ensure that priority is given to accurate pathologic diagnosis, that the patient confidentiality is protected, and that investigators have appropriate authorization for sample use.


The biorepository offers the following services:

  • Collection and storage of fresh, snap-frozen human tissues from surgical pathology specimens resected at Methodist.
  • Collection and storage of paraffin embedded tissue and slides made from tissue.
  • Collection and storage of human blood components and other body fluids collected from patients undergoing specific surgical procedures as well as associated control groups from similar dates and procedures.
  • Harvesting and initial preparation of tissue samples according to established protocols. Snap freezing, controlled freezing, and formalin fixation with subsequent paraffin embedding are routinely performed. Blood products are separated and then frozen.
  • Maintenance of a patient database for harvested tissue. The repository maintains interfaces with the patient history records to provide accurate clinical and pathological information. Only tissues collected with patient´s informed consent according to HIPAA guidelines are available for use. Most collected tissue will be de-identified before release to investigators to protect patient confidentiality.
  • Oversight by the Biorepository committee that reviews and approves requests for tissue. Because these materials are available only to approved investigators, researchers who want to use this resource are required to submit an appropriately designed research protocol that has been independently reviewed and approved by the IRB. Requests for tissue must include the types of tissue needed, the minimum useful amounts of tissue required, how the tissue is to be supplied, as well as IRB, informed patient consent, and other approvals.


For more information about the Serum and Tissue Biorepository, please contact:
Pam McShane, Biorepository
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute 713-441-2113