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Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital Presents Fourth Quarter EMS Provider Award

San Jacinto Methodist Hospital awarded the 2011 Fourth Quarter Outstanding EMS Provider Award to Virginia Kelly, NREMT-Paramedic for the City of Mont Belvieu. Virginia joined the City of Mont Belvieu EMS in April 2009.

“Virginia is a very compassionate paramedic who always puts her patient’s needs first,” said Assistant Deputy Chief Thornton. “She is tenacious in making sure her patients receive the best care possible, always striving to provide her patients with the most advanced and most proven treatments available."

Recently, Virginia was transporting a patient for a non-emergency complaint to San Jacinto Methodist Hospital. Prior to arrival, the patient developed chest pain and EKG changes. Virginia recognized the changes as consistent with an acute heart attack and called ahead to alert the emergency room. The patient was expedited through the emergency room and to the Cardiac Cath Lab, where the patient received life-saving treatment in 40 minutes.

Virginia not only demonstrates compassion toward patients, but also for the citizens she serves. In her first year of service with Mont Belvieu EMS, Virginia was instrumental in starting a Christmas Gift Drive for some of the less advantaged children in her community. Due to her hard work, the program continues to grow. This past year, corporate support for the families was so overwhelming that Virginia took it upon herself to expand her efforts and find other ways to help citizens in need. Virginia organized a food drive among the City Mont Belvieu employees. Her selfless acts and leadership resulted in the City of Mont Belvieu raising over 1,000 pounds of food for the local food pantry. Assistant Deputy Chief Thornton said, “Virginia is a true asset to Mont Belvieu EMS.”

EMS providers deliver exceptional service to patients every day, often under challenging circumstances. They are selfless professionals who put their own lives on hold, day after day to respond to the emergency need of others.

San Jacinto Methodist recognizes the EMS providers as an extension of the care that is provided to our patients, and would like to honor individuals like Virginia who go above and beyond. SJMH has implemented a quarterly EMS Provider Award. Emergency Department nurses and physicians, San Jacinto Methodist Hospital staff, patients and family members can make nominations. For more information, contact Julie DeTorre at 281-420-6294 or jdetorre@houstonmethodist.org.


Photo:Pictured are (left to right): Mont Belvieu EMS Chief Bruce Oliphant; award recipient Virginia Kelly; Julie DeTorre, SJMH EMS Community Liaison; and Mont Belvieu EMS Assistant Deputy Chief Matt Thornton.