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Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital Pays Tribute to Former Board Chairman

Earlier this year, San Jacinto Methodist Hospital mourned the loss of long-time Chairman of the Board, Mr. Lawrence J. Reilly. Last week, family members and friends of the Reilly family, SJMH Board of Trustees, and hospital staff gathered for a special reception and ceremony to pay tribute to Mr. Reilly’s service to the hospital and Baytown community.

The ceremony included renaming the Garth campus lobby to the Lawrence J. Reilly Pavilion, in his honor. Mr. Reilly’s portrait was added in the lobby waiting area, along with a placard noting his many years of service to the hospital.

“What better way to assure his presence, than through a continual reminder,” said Rick Peebles, acting Chairman of the SJMH Board of Trustees, as Mr. Reilly’s portrait was unveiled.

Additional speakers included Donna Gares, CEO and president of San Jacinto Methodist Hospital; Ron Girotto, past CEO of The Methodist Hospital System; and Mick Cantu, executive vice president of The Methodist Hospital System. Each shared stories of his or her interactions with Mr. Reilly, his love of family, and humorous experiences during his tenure. His dedication to ensuring that San Jacinto Methodist remained a high quality health care institution was repeated throughout the program.

Mr. Reilly’s son Jeffrey reflected on his father’s last stay at the hospital. With emotion, recalled how his father awoke and asked his whereabouts. Upon learning that he was at SJMH, he smiled and went back to sleep. “If he couldn’t be at home, surrounded by his loved ones, there was nowhere else he’d rather be, than right here at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital,” Jeffrey said.

Lawrence J. Reilly served on the SJMH Board of Trustees for 48 years and served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for 31 years.

“I don’t think that we will ever come across someone like Lawrence Reilly again,” said Gares. “His outstanding service and authentic commitment will for sure be unmatched and everlasting.”